Encouragement Through a Realistic Appraisal of Our Times

   Perseverance is an admirable quality but without faithfulness to God it is really meaningless. People persevere in the wrong things all the time. Faithfulness sets you apart.

   As I consider the times in which we live, I see faithfulness as increasingly rare. I see compromise everywhere. I see Christians supporting:

• Same sex unions because all that really matters is “love,” right?

• LGBT propaganda; marching in what I call “shame” parades because there is certainly nothing to be proud of related to what men to do each other or women to women in the name of their definition of “love.”

• The murder of pre-born human beings.

• The casting aside of the rule of law for the rule of the mob; violence in our streets.

   America is in the fast lane on a runaway train that is headed for a crash. The politicians in Washington DC have capitulated to the dark forces of evil that have, in these days, revealed themselves.

   Those that hate America, hate the fact that Americans are free, and more importantly hate God, are now center stage, encouraging violence against conservatives AND Christians, the latter being the real target.

   There is a reason why Christians are being targeted for lawsuits by radicalized ideologically driven useful idiots. There is a reas ...

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