What Would Happen If...

   What you believe to be true is the driving force behind your decisions, emotions, attitude and actions (DEA).  It does not matter if what you believe is actually true, it only matters that you believe that it is true.  

   Let me demonstrate with a story.  The Smiths have a son who was serving at the German front during WW II.  One Friday morning, they received a telegram from the War Department.   The Smiths sat down before they slowly opened that telegram.  It read: “Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith, we regret to inform you that your son…..”  It went on to explain how their son had died in battle.  What the Smith’s did not know was that the telegram was in error.  Their son was very much alive!  Two weeks later he knocked at their front door, but what was their emotional state during those two weeks when they thought their son was dead?    
   At about age 14, we each received a “telegram” from our church concerning attendance at a class called “confirmation” or something similar.  By the time we finish confirmation, we may have some serious differences with each other in regard to Christianity.  Why?         
Did each respective class use different Bibles?  No, each used a recognized and accepted translation such as: KJV, NIV, NKJV, etc.  Thus, it was not ...

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