This is What I've Learned... From A Birthday Card!

   I celebrated my 64th birthday a couple weeks back. I received some texts, phone calls and birthday cards from some friends and family of mine, and I appreciated them all.

   It’s always nice to know that folks are thinking about you, at least once a year or so…Isn’t it?

   Now, my older brother likes to send me a birthday card every year, and he’s kinda “religious” about sending me humorous ones…But I have to admit, I kinda squint a little bit when I get them, because he likes to sends me ones that read like this…

   “You know, I could have had a worse brother than you…” and when you open the card it reads, “Cain for example.” Ha-Ha-Ha!!!
   Then in his own handwriting, he says… “Just kidding.”

   And here’s another one I received from him that reads…
   “Happy birthday to a brother who’s really special…” and when you open it up, it reads, “If it weren’t for me, you might have been Mom’s favorite!” Oooh-Ouch!!!

   Now I love my older brother and I know he loves me, and even though there still may be a little bit of lingering sibling rivalry between us…well into our sixtieth decade together as family, can you see why I might sq ...

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