The Golden Rule

   The Golden Rule. Wouldn’t it be nice if our society considered it golden? Wouldn’t it be nice if our society considered it at all? The truth is, many people do still treat others kindly. Many families and neighbors absolutely exhibit the age old proverb of treating others the way they’d like to be treated. Unfortunately our media chooses to highlight the bad. Tragedies, mishaps, and misunderstandings overwhelm the news, while wonderful happenings, like the police officers who rescued two kids who fell through the ice in Portage, Wisconsin  in March, are slipped under the table. With all the negativity in news and social media, we need to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. We need to spend time with like-minded people, take in nature, and kick back with worthwhile entertainment. 

   That’s a big reason that I write the books I do. In my book Chased, my characters go out of their way to help a dehydrated hiker. They change their plan to help a stranger. Admirable, right? But, like sometimes happens in real life, their good deed is not rewarded. When the dehydrated hiker recovers, he turns out to be an unsavory character.  In the end, this leads my characters to a conversation about whether they should have helped him at all. I love the scene when their parents give their insight. 

   For now, I’ll share an excerpt with you from an early scene. We’ll d ...

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