I'm So Old

      I guess it’s official. I’m officially old. It’s not just the multiple mailings I get every month from AARP or the fact that the grocery store checkout clerk routinely asks me if I qualify for the “senior discount.” Lately, I’ve been thinking about the way things used to be and feeling a little like a dinosaur. But I don’t necessarily feel old, just tired, worn out and beat up.  Yeah, I guess I feel old. I just feel like the world around me has transformed into something I never thought I’d see in all my life. And the things I’m talking about were not eons ago. Let’s just go back 50 years — to 1971 — and see how things have changed.
   In 1971, the average cost of a brand new house was $25,000. The average income was $10,000 a year. A gallon of gas was 40 cents and a postage stamp was 8 cents. A brand new car was less than $2,000.
   I’m so old I remember when telephones were connected to the wall with a wire.  Turns out that was pretty good technology, because when the phones were tied down, humans were free.  I remember the days of the “party line,” rotary phones, pay phones and phone booths. I remember when, if you weren’t home and someone called, they would call you back later. Then came the invention of ...

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