How About At Least Three Gifts In One?!

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

   Gift Number One:  This newspaper.  Now that you know about it, why not share it with others?

   Gift Number Two:  The knowledge of Jesus and the triune God.  There are others that you would like to share Christ with, but are either too shy or have other reasons, or would like to show them you care about them, or you could just do it and remain anonymous.  Anyway you want to look at it, it’s a great gift.

   Gift Number Three:  Knowledge about our US Government that is hard to find.  For instance, everyone of us reading this newspaper has grown up in an unconstitutional government, meaning the governmenet doesn’t obey the US Constitution even though every one of them swore to.

   The first 137 years they pretty much did obey it.  Then in 1913, they found they didn’t have to.  Nobody seemed to care.  They passed a Federal Reserve law.  A Central Bank, who fooled us into thinking it was “Federal,” because of it’s name.

   Constitutionally, Congress is supposed to control the money.  If it did, we wouldn’t have any national debt.  No sovereign government should have to borrow money.  They should control their own money.  There would be no inflation if properly controlled.

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