How Can I Not Believe in Deception?

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

   If I don’t know if someone is telling the truth or not, then why would I follow him? Likewise, if I know for certain that someone is telling the truth, then why would I not follow him?

  It’s clear to me, that this vaccine is not so much about a virus as it is about deception. I have overwhelming evidence that when board members that were entrusted to handle the money and affairs of our park, follow a secret system of taking money that doesn’t belong to them, they become part of a secret society. They’re different. Elite. 

   I see the vaccine as I see the money. The vaccine can work as a perfect tool of deception. Some are now saying that it could give the “powers that be” control over whether we live or die. If we are friends of the new system we live, if we are enemies of the state, we die. It wouldn’t matter whether or not this were true, it would only matter what we believe. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not.

  I don’t believe that Trump is telling the truth about his taking the vaccine just because of some good accomplishments. I do believe in controlled opposition. That’s politics.

  Need I apologize for putting my trust in Jesus Christ and not the world system? Am I wrong when I stop listening to politicians and men and women that fol ...

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