Sharing God’s Truth in a Subjective World

   Let’s face it. We live in a world where our view of truth has become subjective. The moral absolutes that have guided society for thousands of years suddenly have become relative. What’s right for one person is wrong for another. And if we question the status quo, we are labeled “intolerant.” 

   Many people don’t want to acknowledge an absolute truth because they don’t want to face their sin. If there is no absolute truth, then how could there be an absolute morality? And if there is no morality, there is no sin. They believe the absence of an absolute truth is a license to do what they want. They see it as freedom. But ultimately, we know that “freedom” is false. Sin is nothing but bondage – a set of chains that leads to destruction and despair. 

   Regardless of what the world says, there are still many people in the world who are searching for something deeper. They are searching for truth. That truth is only found in Jesus Christ. But they can only know it if we, as believers, are willing to step out in faith and share that truth with them. 

   So, how do we share God’s truth in such a subjective world? 

   Truth, by its own definition, is very narrow. Only the right answer is true. Everything else is false. Real truth doesn’t change. Someone can believe that 2+2 is 5, but it ...

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