The First Woe

   The Book of Revelation was clearly written by John, who speaks in the first person much of the time. Though the book is written through a vision that John receives from Jesus, it is initially directed to the early churches of Asia. It is a book that reveals future happenings like no other.  Nostradamus was an amateur when it comes to prophets. Revelation is all about prophecy that has yet to be fulfilled, but soon will. There are many footnotes, and they are there for a reason.

   The Book of Revelation is written by John the Apostle, also known as John of Patmos.  Modern theologians have theorized that the writer was really not John the Apostle, but I am not sure why. A study of the history of how John ended up on the island of Patmos clearly indicates that he was John the Apostle. John was the only apostle who was not martyred and the only apostle who attended the crucifixion of Jesus.

   Revelation starts with a message from Jesus to the seven fledgling churches of Asia. Except for two of the churches, the others were pretty disappointing. That was a sign from the beginning as to how difficult it would be for the new believers in Jesus to convince others, especially other Jews, that Jesus was the Christ of whom the prophets had foretold. Defiant churches did not help the persuasion. Falling away started a long time ago.

   Often I am told that Revelation is so morbid. I suppos ...

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