Leftists Pushing Anger and Resentment

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   We hear from Leftists about how the political right exploits the immigration issue for political partisan gain and the anger and hate coming from white Americans against immigrants. 

   If Leftists are serious about tamping down the “violent, hateful rhetoric” and “racism” from the right and in fighting human exploitation, they would do the following:

• Stop insisting that American citizens obey federal law (pay our income taxes, etc.), then get outraged when we expect other people (immigrants) to obey the rules, too. Stop cheering on Democrat mayors and governors who create “sanctuary cities” and state policies and start calling for those who harbor those here illegally to be prosecuted.

• Stop calling everyone who doesn’t agree with you on immigration racists, fascists, and bigots.  Then say we “all need to come together to pass common sense immigration reform.” How does calling someone names and attacking their character persuade them to want to work with you? 

• Stop allowing non-citizen lawbreakers the power to have any say with our elected officials and in public policy. Does a squatter or even an invited house guest get a say in the house rules?

• Stop acting like lawfully entering America isn’t possible when millions already have. Back on December 1, 2020, Democrat Mary Anne Marsh was rather upset because Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham got vaccinated “…before millions of their own constituents.”  She said that it’s “…really unfair for people to jump the line like that when you haven’t been practicing what you preach.” Go explain to immigrants who are obeying our laws how they shouldn’t have any problem with those cutting in line ahead of them.

• Stop using the phrases “undocumented immigrants” or “undocumented workers” when talking about people here illegally. When people enter a nation without proper documentation without registering with immigration officials, they are there illegally. 

• Stop attacking citizens who say English is our official language and demanding government forms be printed in multiple languages to accommodate non-citizens.

   I saw an ad in my local free paper recently which read, “Dairy Farm Help wanted. Milking, barn chores, tractor driving, maintenance. Pay based on skills and teamwork. Valid driver’s license required. Must speak English.” Tell me, leftists, should that farm owner just hire anyone and be expected to learn THEIR language?

• Stop saying there are eleven million undocumented migrants in America. So, we are to believe that that number has not increased in all these decades? According to a May 3rd, 2021 NewsMax article, there are 14.4 million illegal immigrants and five million “anchor babies” in the U.S. now. If that article is correct and President Biden and Democrats in Congress want to give citizenship status to “eleven million undocumented immigrants living in the country,” what about the other 8.4 million? We all know Democrats won’t say to anyone who comes in after the eleven million, “Sorry, you newer undocumented workers are out of luck.” They will say to us, “We are a compassionate people. It’s only a few million more. We can’t turn them away.”

• Stop calling us “anti-immigration.” We are anti-illegal immigration. Senator Marco Rubio said that “A million people a year come into the U.S. legally. No other nation even comes close to that figure.” Even Politifact, hardly a right-wing website, rated Rubio’s statement as True: Politifact.com/factchecks/2012/jun/20/marco-rubio/marco-rubio-says-us-admits-1-million-immigrants-ye/

   If America were xenophobic and institutionally racist, why would we allow any legal immigration, let alone one million immigrants entry each year? 

• Stop using the phrase “dreamers” when referring to the DACA children — as if American children don’t have dreams, as if American parents don’t care about their childrens’ futures.

• Stop bussing those who came in illegally to cities across America, putting strain on their local schools, hospitals, and other services, then expect the local residents to pay for it without even reimbursement from the federal government. Leftists will never stand for illegal immigrants being bussed to their gated, posh communities.

• Stop saying we are “breaking up families” when it’s the parents who come to our nation illegally who are causing the breakup of their families through their illegal actions.

   When testifying before a House Committee, ICE Director Thomas Homan was pressed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about family separation. He said, quote, “…the same as it is when every U.S. citizen parent gets arrested when they are with a child. If I get arrested for DUI, and I have a young child in the car, I will be separated.”

   Americans aren’t forcing citizens of other nations to come here.

• Stop saying you only want a “path to citizenship.” Your wordplay isn’t fooling us, Leftists. We know you mean amnesty. Whatever promises Leftists in Congress give us on border security to secure an amnesty bill, we know they won’t follow through. In 1986, then-President Ronald Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), giving nearly three million illegal immigrants citizenship. In exchange, there was to be more robust border security and strict penalties on employers who knowingly employed illegal workers. We know now that stricter enforcement was a Leftist Democrat lie to get Reagan to sign the bill. The tough penalties in the IRCA Act were removed from the bill so it would pass.

• Join us on the political/social right in condemning child abuse, Leftists. It is child abuse for any parent to send their unaccompanied children through deserts with human smugglers who could do God-knows-what to them. Call it what it is.

   Leftists don’t want to have a reasoned dialogue; they don’t want this issue solved.  The future of the Democrat Party partly relies on low-skilled workers coming here and also becoming dependent on government services. Leftists know that their actions (or by not allowing laws to be enforced, their inactions) will make our side angry because we want equality under the law and we become frustrated when we see exceptions in the law being made for certain groups over others. Then, Leftists can say, “See, Millennials, Generation Zs, and independent voters, we told you the alt-right are extremists. They are angry xenophobes pushing hate speech. America’s demographics are changing, and white America is scared. You should ignore them and listen to us.”

   We, on the right, want lawful immigration. We, on the right, don’t want people risking their lives to be brought here by human smugglers who will put them to work in sweatshops and in the sex trade to “pay off their debts.”

   It is shameful to advocate open borders. It incentivizes poor, desperate people to come here in rickety boats, hot trucks, or walk hundreds of miles with no guarantee they will even survive the journey. The Left’s push to fundamentally transform America into their socialist, government-ruled, elitist image is detestable and immoral. Leftists, if you wish to root out and expose the source of racism, exploitation, and division in America, look no further than the nearest mirror.

Andrew Zuelke is the State Chairman of the Constitution Party of Wisconsin. Learn more about us by requesting your free, no-obligation information packet today.

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