Allah the ‘god’ Who Was (Part 4)

   In our previous articles, we covered some of the attributes of Allah as we discovered that he is a changeable god. We were shocked to discover that the verb “was” was attached to his attributes of “relenting, merciful,” “knowing, wise,” “forgiving, merciful,” and the “keeper of intercession.” 

   Today we will investigate the size of Allah. In doing so, we will learn about the Arabic word “akbar.” This word is mentioned in the Qur’an twenty-two times. It is a word that Allah ordered Muslims to shout for his glory, as we read the command in Qur’an 17:111: “And say, ‘Praise be to Allah who has not taken a son, and it was not for him to have a partner in the kingdom. And it was not for him to have a friend from the humiliated.’ And magnify him [that is to call Allah akbar i.e. Allah is bigger] magnificently.”

   Most of you have watched TV and have heard the practice of Muslims when a leader says “takbeer” and then the rest of the Muslims shout “Allah akbar.” Also, when Muslims pray at the call of prayer, the caller will say, “Allah akbar. Allah akbar.” Muslims also say these same words during their five daily prayers. Another great place where Muslims shout “Allah akbar” is at the battlefield. When you see a bomb explode or an airplane fly into a building or ...

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