Was the Whole Planned-Demic About the Jab?

    In my opinion Dr. Peter McCullough is one of the most courageous well credentialed academic physicians out there.  He is vice chief of internal medicine at Baylor University Medical Center and despite his impeccable credentials, he has been vilified for stating during the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, that it was all about the vaccine and getting a global mass vaccination campaign underway.

   “All roads lead to the vaccine,” McCullough said in a recent interview with stakeholders banking on countries mandating the vaccine worldwide.

   McCullough points out that a number of countries are already talking about making the as-yet unlicensed COVID-19 vaccine compulsory, meaning anyone and everyone can be forced to take it against their will. “That’s how bad stakeholders want vaccination,” McCullough says.

   “They do want a needle in every arm. But why?” That’s the million-dollar question right there.

   Recent weeks have seen a significant rise in all sorts of vaccination incentives in the U.S., from free doughnuts, cake, french fries, hot dogs and pizza, to arcade tokens, 10-cent beer, free state park season passes, free Uber and Lyft rides, free marijuana and Cincinnati Reds baseball tickets, a chance to win a full scholarship and even $1 million and $5 million giveaways.

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