Christian Tracts — Are They Really Necessary?

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   I have had many conversations regarding Christian tracts, with professing Christians, pastors and elders and even evangelists who are out preaching the Gospel regularly and “rescuing those being led away to death” — the “few” who actually seem to be on fire for the Lord.

   Ironically, it is the Evangelists who will almost always have tracts and it is the professing Christians, pastors and elders who will almost always not have tracts.

   One pastor last week told me he hands out Bibles and to have Christian tracts is a waste of time.

   But, here is the problem with this. First of all, I can hand out, or drop, a hundred tracts within a couple hours while I am doing my everyday business. I can put 30 tracts in my pocket and, everywhere I stop, I can hand out or drop a tract in gas pumps, doorways, parking lots and sidewalks, through car windows or on windshields under wipers, on bulletin boards, under products or shopping items, drive through windows while getting food, doors that are locked and nobody is there, in magazines and books, etc.

   There are so many places that we can put tracts that we cannot share the Gospel and the key example is when the person you want to share the Gospel with is not present when you are!

   To argue this obvious truth is to show that you are either, still on “spiritual milk” or you REALLY do not have the desire to share the Gospel and warn the lost like you either say you do or you are SUPPOSED to. And it puts in serious question which spirit you are really following!

   Statistics show that only 2% of those who profess to be Christian, genuinely are. Only 2% of those who profess Christ share the Gospel regularly to others (according to Bill Bright of the Campus Crusade for Christ). The majority that I speak with use the excuse that they are not “comfortable” with or know how to approach a stranger and share the Gospel with them or even begin a conversation with them.

   If this is the case, why not let the tract do the talking for you?

   If you think about it, dropping a tract or even handing one out is the most COWARDLY, but EASIEST way to share the Gospel. And, if 98% are not doing it VERBALLY, maybe we should begin by teaching them how to drop or hand out tracts, before we teach them how to share the Gospel.

   The reality is that we are not doing either one. If only 2% are sharing the Gospel and the great majority don’t even drop tracts, though we have a “training” issue, we have a much large problem which is a “heart” issue.

   Charles Spurgeon, known as the “Prince of pastors” so eloquently stated, “Have you no desire for others to be saved? Then you are not saved yourself, be sure of that!”

   Let that sink in for a minute!

   When I share this quote, I always add, “And, if that ‘desire’ does not result in ACTIONS, then it was not ‘desire,’ but ‘guilt’.’ Tragically not enough ‘guilt’ to result in ‘actions.’

   I would suggest that the 2% who are out fulfilling the “Great Commission” as if the world was on fire, make sure they have tracts everywhere they go, as Spurgeon also stated, “I don’t go anywhere without my tracts!”, but, in my observations, the “few” I know who are sharing the Gospel regularly, have tracts with them and see the significant importance in them.

   But, if you do share the Gospel regularly and you have not seen significant importance in having tracts, I would urge you to reconsider. Even on a very busy day, you are missing the opportunity to get that beautiful Gospel to an entire group of lost souls you would otherwise not get to at all! And, isn’t that REALLY the point of sharing the Gospel — any way we can!

   And, if you are among the 98% who have never shared the Gospel with a lost soul, or do not see the significant importance and responsibility that you have as a Christian, let me remind you that, if you profess to be a Christian, you are professing to have the greatest Antidote, the Gospel, to the greatest cancer, SIN, of humanity.

   With 7,000 people dying each day in this country and 35% professing to be Christian with only 2% of them genuinely being Christian (assuming this statistic is fairly accurate and I am confident it is!), and add in the 65% of the non-believing population, this means approximately 6,951 of them are on their way to hell! How many of them did you see today, this week, month or in the last year that you COULD have shared the life-saving News that you profess to have and save them from an eternity of torment?

   Do you actually care? Enough to do something about it? Is your “comfort” worth somebody else spending eternity in the “Lake of Fire?” If not, then start acting like those around you (almost ALL of them!), are on FIRE and ONE BREATH AWAY from spending ETERNITY in “agony” and “torment!” Because they are!

   And, remember, your children are following YOU!

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