Worldview Matters

   The headline is horrific: “University may be subject of investigation after it’s caught using body parts of babies born alive.”
The university is the University of Pittsburgh. Undercover operations have revealed that Planned Parenthood and the University of Pittsburgh have been delivering babies alive during abortions and then killing them by cutting out their kidneys to use for research. And of course, sizeable amounts of taxpayer money go to the University for this type of research, which is a great reminder that the power to tax not only allows confiscation of our money but also makes us complicit to some degree in how that money is used.

   This is really almost too ghastly and heartbreaking to talk about. And I’m not going to dwell on this recent report. But it is worth exploring how we got here and how we begin moving away from such atrocities.

   Fundamentally, these grizzly stories happen because of the worldview of those involved. Essentially, a worldview is a belief system through which we view the world and develop perspectives on everything that is and everything that matters to us. We all have a worldview whether or not we can articulate it. Our choices every day reveal our worldview.

   Our worldview represents our most fundamental beliefs and assumptions and dictates how we answer the biggest questions in life, among which are who we are, where ...

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