Who Will Stand Up and Stop the Child Abuse?

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:


   I am furious because of Critical Race Theory, our grandchildren are coming home crying and saying “I am bad because I am white.”  THAT IS CHILD ABUSE!

   A professor of psychology at San Francisco State University and board member of the Association for Ethnic Studies, said, “Ethnic studies are all about smashing this white man-made idol, and that process can be painful.  Are you asking me is there a way of doing this without making the powerful person uncomfortable?”  I don’t know if that can be done.  We actually prepare our teachers to know that on the first day of class, or in the first week you may have (white) students that are sobbing.  This is the first time they’ve had to be this uncomfortable.” THAT IS CHILD ABUSE!

   I am furious our grandchildren are learning to protest.  In California our children are being taught chants to murderous Aztec gods, to prepare them to take to the streets to protest that their country is racist and has a horrible history.  THAT IS CHILD ABUSE!

   I am furious that kindergarten children are learning in sex-ed to touch private parts of their body for pleasure, and that children having sex is okay.  THAT IS CHILD ABUSE!

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