Truth of the 'Jab' Censored

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

   On Monday, June 28, Senator Ron Johnson held a press conference with several people who had become quite sick after the second “jab.”  One was a nurse, one a teacher, and several others who were unable to go back to work after 5 months.  It was very sad.  We don’t hear any of this on mainstream media.  In fact, one of the network news people was upset with Senator Johnson for spreading “disinformation.”  Sorry, but these people are real, and so is the problem.  Not everyone should take the shots.  Johns Hopkins has urged people who had the virus not to get the “jab” since you would have more immunity than any shot could give you.  And I once had a doctor who never prescribed a drug unless it had been out on the market for at least two years.

   I have  my own story.  My 63-year old step daughter, a retired cop in Illinois, delivered flowers for a florist friend all of Mother’s Day weekend.  She sent me a lovely bouquet.  I called her on Monday and we chatted.  She had gotten a second shot recently, so she asked if I had mine.  I said, “not yet.”

   On Wednesday, her sister called to say she was at the hospital waiting to hear what happened to her sister, Carol.  Since I had just talked with her, I was shocked.   ...

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