This Is What I've Learned...From An Old Wood Barn

   Barns... you smell that? Ain’t nothin’ like the smell of an old wood barn! So go ahead and get ya a big Ol’ lung full of that…Man o man, ain’t nothin’ smells as sweet as an old wood barn!  Hay in the loft, cattle in their stalls, feed in the pans, corn in the crib, leather in a tack room, tobacco in a stripping room. Man that smells good, smells like…“Farm living is the life for me!” Come-on you know that old praise tune!

   A barn never sleeps. Field mouse in the corner, king snake a slippin’ in, ol’ tomcat over there on the prowl, rooster a crowing, barn owl up in the rafters, jersey cow chewing her cud, wasps on a nest, Charlotte on her web, early morning sunlight filterin’ in through the cracks.  Ever seen that?  Man, just look at all that dust! 

   Barns... built to last, made to stand longer than most houses. Now my grandpa had three barns. A cow barn, a tool barn for his implements, and his big barn. Boy, that’s the barn that I liked, that I remember the best, growing up in Kentucky. For it had big shutters on the sides that opened and closed for curing tobacco that was hung inside it. The big barn had a little bit of everything in it, but mostly housed the good stuff. It was always the center of activity on the farm, and where my grandfather kept the good stuff…his favorite and most prized po ...

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