Are You Teachable?

   Have you ever had the chance to connect with people who could help you with something or a unique situation that rarely happens and you did not take advantage of that golden opportunity right in front of you?  You let it “slip right through your fingers.”  You hang your head and ask yourself why you didn’t go with the opportunity.

   Sometimes we can read passages of Scripture and miss key points.  Such a passage could be Acts 16:1-5.  Paul traveled to new areas including Lystra, where he met up with Timothy for the first time. Timothy was a young person (as we learn in the book of 1 Timothy (4:12-14) who had an interesting background.  His mom was Jewish and a believer in Jesus while his father was Greek, meaning a Gentile. 
His parents’ marriage could have been like being associated as Samaritans.  Samaritans were not respected by Jews because Jewish Samaritans had married non-Jews (Gentiles) and according to Jews, these people were the lowest form of life on earth.  Perhaps you can relate to not being from the “right” side of town, or from a group, whether by heritage, religious denomination, color of skin, what your parent does, or you are simply bullied.

   But there was something special about Timothy and leaders in the Lystra Church spoke highly of him.  Paul took notice of Timothy and saw some great potential in him, of ...

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