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In March of 2020, the vast majority of American churches dutifully closed their doors when we were all told “two weeks to flatten the curve.” Like small businesses, churches were willing to take the government warnings seriously and err on the side of caution.  But weeks and months later, even after the businesses reopened, it seems most of the church doors remained shuttered, the leadership there agreeing with the government that they were, indeed, “non-essential.”
Of course, they continued with their services over the internet, with online streaming.  We saw “worship teams” on the stage with each member wearing a mask, while playing their instruments and singing to an empty auditorium.  Then the pastor would come up and give his “talk” — again, while wearing a mask on stage, speaking only to the camera operator in the back of the empty room.
Millions of people stopped attending church services in 2020, because the churches were closed.  Pastors across the country cowered in fear when seeing other pastors make the news.... pastors who refused to close their doors and instead continued preaching the whole counsel of God, even in the midst of a fake “PLANNED-demic.”  These fearful ones saw what happened to those who refused to comply: more and more draconian measures taken by so-called “health officials,” police and government agencies.  Things like “no singing.” “Only 20 percent capacity.” Stiff fines and penalties for churches that dared to remain open.  Pastors going to jail.
When some pastors attempted a reasonable “compromise” by holding services outdoors, preaching to people sitting in their cars in the parking lot, people were fined and jailed for simply sitting in their cars in the church parking lot!   And of course, enormous fines and jail time for those pastors who refused to submit to all the unjust and ridiculous dictates from “on high.”  At least one church was even set on fire and burnt to the ground as a way to intimidate them and keep them silenced.
Throughout this insanity, millions of people stopped attending church altogether.  When the government finally eased their restrictions, and the churches were “allowed” by the government to open again, many never returned, and will never return. They’ve either started their own home churches, gathering with like-minded, truth-seeking believers for worship and Bible study, as the early disciples did, or they’ve moved on to one of those churches with courageous pastors who never closed their doors or bowed to the commands of Caesar.  They’ve moved to churches with pastors unafraid to tell the truth — no matter how “counter-cultural” the truth may be; no matter how “controversial” the truth may be; no matter how badly the truth clashes with the “Official Narrative.”  
And now, a year and a half later, studies show that one in four churches that were open and active at the start of 2020 have now closed forever.  Forgive me for saying that I think that’s probably a good thing.  Stay with me and perhaps you’ll agree.
For far too long, our American churches have been increasingly compromised. They’ve become salt that has lost it’s savor — good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled under the feet of men.  In other words, “non-essential.”  How did this happen in a country that owes it’s very existence to God Almighty and the mighty men of God — the PASTORS — who preached the Word, in season and out, when it was convenient and when it most definitely was NOT. Pastors who led their flocks out of the church house and confronted every evil of the day?
Compromise.  “Go along to get along.” “Don’t make waves.” The Johnson Amendment and the 501c3, making covenants with wicked governments for financial gain. I realize I’m being pretty hard on the pastors here, but not without cause.  Note that I’m not talking about ALL pastors.  I know a lot of great ones personally, but they are the rare minority.  Today, you’ll be very hard-pressed to find a pastor who cares more about the approval of God than the approval of men. Most all of them want nothing more than to be well liked and popular by the people.  I challenge you to find even ONE mighty man of God or one true prophet of God in all of Scripture who was well liked and popular among the people.  
Following God rather than men comes with a price. Most who act as pastors today don’t want to have to pay any price. They just want to collect a paycheck. And a hefty one at that. During the COVID scam, 66 percent of churches applied for and received a Payroll Protection Program loan from the federal government.  Not surprising.  While shuddering at the thought of speaking “politics” or “controversy” from their pulpits for fear of being unpopular, pastors and church leadership were perfectly fine with accepting filthy lucre from Caesar, as long as they kept their doors closed when told to do so.
The pastors were silent in the 1960s when God’s Word and daily prayer were removed from our public schools.  Now our public schools are cesspools of perversity, teaching the LGBTQP+ agenda to our children, mandating that boys can be girls if they want and girls can be boys if they want — and use the restroom and locker room facilities of their choice as well.  Public schools continue to re-write American and World history (if they teach it at all), they indoctrinate children from the youngest of ages with the communist manifesto, they teach “Critial Race Theory,” causing further division and hatred among our kids and shaming white kids for simply being white.
The pastors were silent in 1973 when the Supreme Court forced the Roe v Wade scheme on the American populace. They continue to remain silent on the holocaust of the unborn as parents have now sacrificed 70 million babies to Molech. The pastors were silent when that same Court forced sodomite so-called “marriage” to become the perceived “law of the land.” Now we have a pandemic of “transgenderism,” “Pride” parades and Drag Queen Story time, while child sex trafficking is rampant.  Ninety-nine percent of pastors said not one word from the pulpit on any of these things.  Too “political.” Too “controversial.” Too “intolerant.” 
So what are pastors talking about every week?  I did just a very brief check on some of the recent online sermons from some of the local churches in my area.  Topics included “Learning How to Rest,” “How to Forgive,” “How to Love Others,” “How to Have Joy,” “How to Handle Anger,” “What To Do When You Fail,” “What To Do When You Succeed,” “Waiting on God,” “Don’t Judge,” and “The Golden Rule.”  Meanwhile, America is in the midst of perhaps the most intense spiritual warfare we’ve ever seen in this country. But the pastors will say not one word about it.
First the SCAM-demic, which we all pretty much figured out was a scam after about a month. Then the “cancel culture,” when Christians, Conservatives and reputable doctors and scientists were censored, banned and removed from just about every social media and internet platform, simply for speaking the truth.  You may say it was only their opinion. Fine. When did having an opinion become a crime?  Last year, obviously. First Amendment? What’s that? 
Let me tell you what that is.  The First Amendment of our US Constitution states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereofor abridging the freedom of speechor of the pressor the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.  How are we doing these days with our First Amendment rights as American citizens, after sixty years of silence from our pulpits?
Now, obviously, CONGRESS made no laws prohibiting any of these rights.  In fact, Congress did nothing at all except push our country further into destruction.  But courts and “health officials” and governors embarked on a reign of terror — terrorizing citizens into believing blatant lies and forcing them to willingly comply with their tyranny.  We had no right to freely exercise our religion.  Our freedom of speech absolutely was and IS ended.  There is no freedom of the press anymore, no real journalism, other than “alternative media” sources — and those are openly mocked and ridiculed from the pulpits.  How about the right of the people to peacably assemble?  “Close your churches peasants, or face our wrath!” says the Almighty State. Our right to petition our government for a redress of grievances? Our legislators LAUGH at us, friends.  They laugh at us. While they jail us for seeking a redress of grievances.  Do you realize there are still 600 people rotting in jail, held without bond for simply being IN Washington DC on January 6th?  These are innocent people who did nothing wrong, other than go to seek a redress of grievances.
After they launched the SCAM-demic, they launched the race wars and anarchy, they tore down our statues, renamed streets, took over cities, burned, looted, destroyed and killed — while our police were told to “stand down.”  “Go write a parking ticket or something,” they were told.  “Go make yourself useful.  Nothing to see here.”  Now we have cities with crime rates soaring, murder rates soaring and police departments defunded. 
Then came the stolen election. If you can’t see, from all the clear and concise evidence that has already been presented, that the 2020 election was fraudulently stolen, then I’m sorry, you don’t have the brains that God gave an avacado.  Then came the Vax.  “It won’t be mandatory,” they said. “But do it for your own good and for the good of all society so we can all get back to normal.”  When hundreds, if not thousands of doctors and scientists came out and warned us that this stuff is pure POISON — including some of those who manufactured the stuff — they were ridiculed and mocked, they lost their jobs, their homes, and in some cases even their lives because they dared to speak the truth.
Now Caesar is setting up “Green Zones” — concentration camps for the un-jabbed. Obama signed a law in 2011 paving the way for these detention centers, and now they’re becoming a reality.  “Vaccine Passports” are already being implemented around the country, by government AND businesses. If you cannot see that the day is soon coming when you will not be allowed to buy or sell or have any part in society without taking the jab, I’m not sure what more I can tell you. I could go on.  Skyrocketing inflation. Supply chain disruption. Farmers being paid by the USDA to destroy their crops, threatened with bankruptcy if they refuse.  
And meanwhile, our pastors preach on “Learning to Rest.”  This is not the time to rest, folks. If you’re still attending one of these churches led by a limp-wristed so-called “pastor,” the time has come to have a serious “sit-down” talk with him. It’s time to DEMAND that he either begin speaking the truth and leading his people to action or vacate his position. Because he is leading the sheep directly to the slaughter.  And many of them know it.  But you may not.
Are you aware of the “Clergy Response Team?”  This is a group formed by FEMA and run by the Department of Homeland Security.  Initially, 26,000 pastors were recruited for this assignment. Today, there are estimates of 1.5 million pastors as part of the Clergy Response Team.  Their job is to preach obedience to the government, to minimize any public dissent toward government actions or mandates, to “keep people calm” in the event of martial law or national catastrophe and to assist the government in their official narrative during emergency situations.  In other words, to LIE.
To that end, we now have churches opening up as “vaccination centers” and no doubt these Clergy Response Team “pastors” will be key players when it comes time to round up the “vaccine hesitant” and help them onto the bus to the FEMA camps.  I urge you to do your own research on this, and while you’re at it, look up the word “hireling” in your Bible Concordance.  Yes, it’s well PAST time for a serious sit-down discussion with your pastor!
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