He Does Not Change

   Instead of writing Part 2 of “The God of the Bible Who Is” this month, I was led to write this article.

   As I read throughout the pages of the Bible, I have never read that Satan ever said, “Oops, I made a mistake.” He never said, “I wish I had said it differently or planned it another way.” He never relented or repented of any decision or action he ever took. From the beginning of his time until now, he is the same and has never changed. He is very united with his team. That is why his kingdom is so strong. 

   In his first plan, Satan was able to take a third of those in that kingdom under his wing (Revelation 12:4). In his second plan, he was able to annihilate one fourth of the human race (Genesis 4:8). He hates life and wishes only to steal and kill and destroy (John 10:10). He may destroy our possessions, our children, and even our health, but if we are faithful and trust in the Lord, nothing he can do will succeed in destroying our faith. If we say that the LORD gave and the LORD has taken away, may the name of the LORD be praised (Job 1:21), we may regain all that Satan destroyed and even more. Those who serve Satan do not realize what they are doing. They may think they are doing the right thing. After all, they are following and obeying his commands. 

   Throughout the history of mankind, many violent acts have taken place on this e ...

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