Religion Makes Us Useless

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

   Looking at the modern day Church, all I can do is intercede for our leaders. I had a dream this week concerning the Church. 
   I saw a man in dress clothes lying on the floor. As he talked to me, I could see through his clothes that he had a breathing tube that reached to his lungs and I noticed he had no lungs. 

   He also had no heart, bowels, or private area. Also, he had no arms or legs. I did see he had a spine. 

   I asked my Father God the meaning of this man in my dream. The Holy Spirit shared that many modern day pastors have lost the breath of God to be able to preach the Word with passion and fire. Their breath is artificial. Their breath comes from seminary books.

   The spine is their pet doctrines. Many modern day pastors have lost their zeal for God. Their desire to be “hip” and popular has taken precedent over the heart to preach repentance to a lost congregation. Hence, no heart. No “bowels of compassion” for the lost. Just repetition and rote. 

   Where are the pastors who put aside worldliness and carnality and preach holiness?  No privates mean the pastors and church members are NOT producing disciples.  No reproduction means no babes in the Lord. No converts. Just lazy Christians sitting in ...

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