Tie A Bow On Your Finger

Complimentary Story
   The age-old trick to remind yourself to remember something…tie a bow on your finger. 

   None of us likes to be forgetful. In today’s world we utilitze technology to stay on top of those important events, engagements and people.

   But some things don’t require a reminder. For example, I never forget to have my morning cup of coffee. I always remember to grab my phone off my nightstand upon rising. I take my keys with me to my car every day. I eat meals without one single reminder.

   Throughout time, and even before technology, people have not needed reminders for certain things and have easily forgotten others. How much different are we today? Jeremiah 2:32, “Does a young woman forget her jewelry? Or a bride her wedding dress? Yet for years on end My people have forgotten Me.”

   It seems to me, looking only at my own life, that it is so easy to forget what really matters…relationships and people…God and others…and to remember those things that only have the ability to fill my flesh and not enrich my soul. How can we be so forgetful of what matters most? Our souls and the Word of God will live forever; and we will live forever with Him; but yet we so often focus on food, phone and comforts instead of life’s truly most important relationships.

   Why do I sometimes forget to read my Bible or pray to connect with God first thing in the morning? Is it possible that it is just not as important to me as my cup of coffee? Or is it that the flesh has a louder voice than our Spirit? 

   Like a two-year-old throwing a tantrum, the flesh will have its way or die trying. The Spirit is much more of a gentleman, waiting and not insisting. The Spirit of God that lives in us desires for us to choose Him, to REMEMBER Him, to set our minds to be intentionally focused on Him. Why? Because love is a choice. While we don’t often choose to forget, we must always choose to remember. Forgetting is so easy precisely because it is not usually something we choose to do.

   So, friends, let’s be more intentional today to choose to remember. What? Who? Let’s remember what matters the most in this life…relationships. Let’s start with the Lord and ask Him to daily show us who to love and how to love them. Let’s remember to be intentional. Let’s remember God. Let’s remember others.

Chris McMahan
Email: Happy1970@icloud.com

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