Broken Families: The Tragedy of Politicized ‘Science’

   Political Science: “The compilation and dissemination of data, the sole purpose of which to gain power and control over others.”

   Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse along comes Hurricane COVID.  What the pill, excessive taxation,  free love, no fault divorce and sodomite marriage did to contaminate the family unit pale in comparison to the horrific damage that COVID  tradewinds are inflicting upon our nation’s homes. At first it was an estranged Thanksgiving, and then a missed Christmas, soon followed by other disembodied household gatherings. As a result, families are in a total divide.  If you got the vaxx you are on one side and if you have not, you will not be tolerated nor welcomed into the family fold. It is getting even worse as the plandemic planners continue their whirlwind assail on common sense and our liberties.
   I got a message recently from one of my readers who was discouraged about an upcoming family get-together in which he was told that he was not welcomed.  No he was not an ax murderer, sexual pervert, nor did he test positive for TB or the Spanish Flu. Nope, it seems that this poor fellah had not taken the jab, regardless of whether he was willing to wear a mask or not. So where do folks like him and others go for relief — or should they just take the jab?
   One might venture a guess that ...

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