Broken Families: The Tragedy of Politicized ‘Science’

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   Political Science: “The compilation and dissemination of data, the sole purpose of which to gain power and control over others.”

   Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse along comes Hurricane COVID.  What the pill, excessive taxation,  free love, no fault divorce and sodomite marriage did to contaminate the family unit pale in comparison to the horrific damage that COVID  tradewinds are inflicting upon our nation’s homes. At first it was an estranged Thanksgiving, and then a missed Christmas, soon followed by other disembodied household gatherings. As a result, families are in a total divide.  If you got the vaxx you are on one side and if you have not, you will not be tolerated nor welcomed into the family fold. It is getting even worse as the plandemic planners continue their whirlwind assail on common sense and our liberties.
   I got a message recently from one of my readers who was discouraged about an upcoming family get-together in which he was told that he was not welcomed.  No he was not an ax murderer, sexual pervert, nor did he test positive for TB or the Spanish Flu. Nope, it seems that this poor fellah had not taken the jab, regardless of whether he was willing to wear a mask or not. So where do folks like him and others go for relief — or should they just take the jab?
   One might venture a guess that the Church would be willing to help.  Do the pastors and church leaders not know the devastating effect that the COVID Paranoia has had on loved ones that were not permitted to see their dying family members in the hospital? What does the Bible say about fear and who to fear? What about that Christian marriage which just broke up as a result of COVID disparities? Sadly, the churches, with few exceptions, genuflected to Caesar while keeping their distance from the matter — 6 feet of course.  Should their congregants get the vax? . ..   Silence, at best.  Pastors see and hear of troubles within their church families and when asked for help just turn, bow their heads and offer sympathetic prayer if anything.

   What about the situation where a good citizen has to make the decision to get injected with an experimental drug treatment or lose their marriage? What about the poor soul who cannot see their nephew, a new grandchild or sick spouse unless he gets the jab?  Or how about the wife whose husband just got back from a family weekend at the beach and she was neither invited nor welcome? Of course we all know that absence makes the heart grow fonder, or at least that’s what her husband told her.  Another wife of 40-plus years was told by her husband that she was “of the Devil” for sharing her concerns related to COVID vaccinations. Another friend tells me about his daughter who is married and living in the father-in-law’s rental property.  She has been told to get the jab or move out. We all heard about the New York mother who lost her six-year-old child because of her refusal to get vaccinated — or was that refusing to wear a mask?   This list goes on.
   Speaking of lists, how about the number of deaths and injuries related to the COVID vaxx?  I met with a mother the other day who’s grown son got the jab and then quickly developed physical issues to the point where he now cuddles with his mother at night for fear of dying in the morning from numerous organ damages. Another citizen got the jab and is dead within days. If one needs more information just read a Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting system. 
   Fear is an incredible motivator and those that crave power know it.  Education is helpful to overcome our fears, but when science is compromised by politicians underwritten by big business, then there is hell to pay.  And that, folks, is exactly where we are today.  What science, exactly, are we to follow?    Whether it be global warming, overpopulation, gender gaps, or Critical Race Theory, what we are experiencing is nothing more than “science” that only supports a prearranged political template. Information that is cherry picked to support a political whim.  Then when we question it, we are, of course, “science deniers” and told to simply follow the “science.”  Not the money, mind you, and not politics, but simply follow the science. Ok so now what?
   I have attended meetings for over a year now related to the COVID  Plandemic and there are all kinds of answers. Get lawyers involved, elect the right conservative (whatever that is) or storm a school board meeting or city council meeting.  Write to your congressman, join a group, raise money, run ads and above all UNITE! 
   But under which group, which cause do we unify?  If I were to ask each of you if this COVID situation has had a devastating  effect upon your family or the family of a friend how many would say “yes?”  That is not only where the devil has his bullseye but it is also where we must unite.  Protect the family, restore the family, and respect the family because that is the real victim here. If we don’t fix the broken and crippled family, the foundation of all societies past and present, does it really matter what meeting we attend or money we raise for other good causes? Where there is no vision the people perish and our vision had better be 20/20 when it comes to the family. Amen?

   ...The clock is ticking folks. My advice, start with a local family support group then connect with other like-minded groups and start at the neighborhood level. Build the family back better — and in my humble opinion, this critical chore should be led by the fathers as per our biblical mandate found in Ephesians 5. Enough talk, Gentlemen, start your engines.

James  JR Harrison

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