Your Circles of Influence

   Get a blank sheet of normal size paper.  Draw about a 2-3 inch diameter circle in the middle.  Next, draw a bigger size circle around that smaller one and then finally draw one last circle around the other two. When finished you will have three concentric circles.  Inside each one, you will write many names, so give yourself room to write.

   In the first circle write down all the people you come in contact with each day.  In the second circle, write down the people you see within a week or two.  That can mean seeing them once in the week or two, or a couple times a week.  Finally in the outer circle, write down the people you see a couple times or once a year.  Take your time doing this.  Think about the people you come in contact with.  Depending on the time of year, the people and the quantity in the circles vary.  Plus your school classes change during the school year so people will be going in and out of the three circles.

   Once finished, look at the number of people you come in contact with.  We call these your Circles of Influence.  Often you think that there are very few people you can or do influence, when in fact, you potentially impact and influence many.  A group of 20 students did this and the average number of people in the three circles was 75 to 80.

   You have influence power.  The fact is we influence ...

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