Two Reports Tear A Gaping Wound Into The COVID-Coup Narrative

   THE UK HEALTH SERVICE HAS RELEASED A REPORT on deaths from C19 “variants” covering the period from February 1, 2021 to August 2, 2021. The report states that 66% of the total of 742 deaths from the “delta variant” — that is, 481 of those deaths — were of “vaccinated” persons, 402 of them fully (two-dose) vaccinated.

   In short, being vaccinated dramatically increases the risk of death from the virus over being unvaccinated, once exposed to the virus. I’ve included the relevant chart from the report on this page. The bottom line contains the “bottom line.”

   THIS REVELATION ABOUT the distribution of fatal outcomes is, of course, hugely significant (and would seem to reflect something like the pathogenic priming predicted by America’s Frontline Doctors and countless other specialists for over a year now. Further, this is, of course, just the latest report acknowledging substantial infection outbreaks among the “vaccinated.” Israel and Singapore have reported the same over the last few months, and incidents in the US (such as the Massachusetts outbreak) have also shown the same.

   US officials know about these so-called “breakthrough” infections. They must be presumed to know about the outcomes now revealed by the Brits. The two bits of information suggest an explanation to the recent “mas ...

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