You Can No Longer Ignore the Call

I don’t know about you, but for me, this has been a tough year.  It’s been even harder than last year, mentally and emotionally. It’s hard to not become depressed when you see what’s happening to our country and our world, when you see how the demonic realm seems to have total control now, of the entire planet.  Of course, the demons that influence and inhabit the Luciferian globalists only have as much power as God Almighty allows them to have, but clearly, at least for now, it seems they’ve been given authority to do as they please.
In spite of the fact that I’ve been sounding the warning for more than two decades in ministry — and others far longer than I have — it seems the Church in America has paid no attention at all. We have church-goers with faith a mile wide but only an inch deep. Biblical illiteracy is truly pandemic and the people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.  They go to church simply to “feel good.” They will tolerate everything carnal and worldly but will not tolerate sound biblical doctrine.
How quickly we have fallen! God, in His great mercy, gave us chance after chance after chance to repent. His patience with us was well beyond anything we deserved. From Heaven, the Holy Spirit continued to loudly blast the warning as well:  “Repent!” Yet we refused to hear and heed every warning, preferring instead to re ...

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