‘Come Out of Her, My People’

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

   I want to thank you for your essays in Wisconsin Christian News.  They are always interesting and I have learned much from them.

   I have an idea for your consideration.  After reading your essays “Time For A Serious Sit-Down Discussion”  and “You Can No Longer Ignore the Call,”  a passage from Isaiah came to my mind. 
   It is Isaiah 26:20-21, where he counsels his people to “enter into thy chambers.”  I believe this is a major component of God’s last warning call for His serious-minded people.  His people need to break, cut, and sever as many connections to the godless, pagan world as possible.  The message of separation is something His people will never hear in most churches or on “Christian” TV or radio or read in “Christian” books or magazines.

   Recently, I spoke to a Christian friend.  He felt there were two final things for serious minded believers to do:

1). Final intercessory prayers for lost people.

2). Final serious spiritual preparation for the believers themselves in order to face the massive spiritual assaults and storms ahead.

   I think these are both excellent recommendations.  I would add only two things:  (1)  I b ...

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