Take Care of Your Own Health

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Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

   This healthy guy recently fell and bumped his head.  I recommend others don’t do it.  It just makes the medical system and medicare plenty of money.  The helicopter ride total was $27,966 and that wasn’t even a window seat.  Then when I completed this dire emergency trip, the doctors at this prestigious hospital said I was too old to drill a hole to let the blood out and it had stopped bleeding anyway, so just go home and take it easy for a few weeks.  Which I did, and they were right.  Now I’m pretty much back where I was, plus quite a bit more cautious.  I’m glad I’m 89, otherwise they’d have run that bill over one hundred dollars!  

   Isn't this inflation business great?  In 1954 I had just changed jobs and was making $1.45 an hour.  Due to the fact that I was new to this company I didn’t have insurance.  In those days when a baby was born they kept a woman in the hospital for a week. In a Chicago suburb hospital my bill was $125.  Yes you read that right.  $125.  For a week.

   I’m going to try and get you to think again.  Most people don’t know anything about this COVID 19 virus.  We just choose who we want to believe.  Dr. Fauci says it’s dangerous; second opinion Dr. Shallenburge says it’s not any more dangerous than any other flu.  Fatalities are about 2%.  

   You have a healthy immune system and escaped the planned demic so now they want you to get vaccinated to make sure you get exposed!  Some doctors say the vaccination is more dangerous than the COVID.  Who do you believe?  

   First hand...it killed a cousin with a bad heart, in three days.  It attacked a cousin and his family after both shots and five months elapsed time.  They survived.  If you escaped the plandemic with a healthy immune system, why would you make sure you get exposed with a dangerous shot?  Think and choose wisely.  Put that poison in your system and you may expose your loved ones to a worse strain.

   Build up your immune system and make sure that includes zinc.  Zinc is a trace mineral, so don’t take too much.  Haunt your health store and not your doctor’s office is my advice, but it's up to you who you want to believe.

-Richard Bollum,
Trego, WI

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