Open Your Eyes -- Resist the Lies of the Leftists

Complimentary Story
Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

   The Democrat party is full of many liars, demons, even.

   Among those demons are the evil spirits of lying and stealing, killing and destroying.  The Bible tells us Satan was “a liar from the beginning.”  The Apostle John says the devil came “to kill, steal, and destroy.”

   The Demoncrats  are all fired up about killing more and more babies in the womb.  But God and science are on the side of LIFE.  The Demoncrats also favor killing the free speech rights of conservatives.  Cancel culture is their forte.

   Demoncrats destroy reputations, sling libel and slander, calling those who disagree with them “racists,” “nazis,” “white supremacists.”  That’s beyond hate speech, destructive, the height of divisiveness.

   The Bible says the tongue is an “unruly evil, full of deadly poison.”  Also, it declares “hatred stirs up strife” and “a house divided cannot stand.”  And yet, deadly poison and strife pour forth from the Demoncrats.

   The Demoncrats steal the possessions of those who have produced those possessions and redistribute them to those who have not produced them.

   Some Demoncrats destroy public and private property and justify such actions, calling their protests “mostly peaceful.”  They support Palestinian terrorists in the Middle East, destroying Jewish lives.

   The Demoncrats steal the innocence of young children when they teach age-inappropriate sex education in public schools.  They steal the place of parents when they escort students to abortion or sex change providers WITHOUT THE PARENTS KNOWLEDGE.  That’s destructive.

   The Biden administration has a serious credibility problem.  No amount of lying and dissembling is too much for this administration.  Biden claims our southern border “is closed” while we can see otherwise with our own eyes.

   Pray, pray, pray for America.  Repent, resist and reject the lies, violence, theft, death and destruction of the Demoncrats.

-Gregg Schweiger, Duluth, MN

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