Preacher Viciously Assaulted at Milwaukee High School

   On Monday, September 13, 2021 I went to Riverside University High School in Milwaukee to proclaim the Gospel to the students and put on public display the sufferings of our murdered preborn neighbors.  After preaching for a time to the crowd that had gathered there in front of the entrance of the school, one of the students punched me in the face so hard that I fell into the street.

   While on the ground, both the student who punched me and the guy standing next to him continued the attack until a security officer got them to back off.  The second assailant appeared to stomp my head to the ground once or twice, from the body cam footage, which is how I received my concussion and memory loss from the whole incident.

   After I got back up on my feet and began preaching again, the Principal, Jeffrey Lasky, turned on the siren on his megaphone to drown out the preaching.  He was standing right by both attackers as they began the assault and showed no surprise or concern about the assault taking place right in front of him.

   Everything I have written here  comes from what I have seen from the  video footage, as I have no memory of being at the high school or being driven to the hospital.  I recall sitting in the waiting room of the hospital and being informed by a friend, who had come to the hospital to stay with me, what had just happened. The hospital confirm ...

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