'Pro-Life' vs Abolition of Child Murder

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    PART 1.  This 30 minute sermon (see link at the end of the article) is in the TOP FIVE sermons I have ever listened to and is completely based on God’s Word. I am separating it into two parts for the sake of keeping the article shorter but will provide the link to this sermon at the bottom of each part.

   The pastor also warns us that, when we support “pro life,” we are supporting a movement that goes AGAINST God, not with Him! This is for those who ignore child slaughter, even if you have no desire to genuinely serve the Lord or to love the “least of these.” I have offered several of the pastor’s quotes about HOW WICKED AND EVIL we are when we ignore this atrocity and I’ve included the minute-marks after the quotes so you can corroborate this warning.

   Please watch as you will see it IS THE DIFFERENCE between not only keeping YOUR soul but the souls of your precious children and grandchildren as well, as they will follow YOU! This is your eternal life you are gambling. Please, please, please listen to this sermon. If you want to continue in your lifestyle after that, then at least you will have enough of God’s Word to know the consequences of your actions. In Christ.

   “Child sacrifice is principally an act of ‘spiritual idolatry.’ Look at the last part of Verse 5, of Leviticus 20 — ‘Him, and all who follow him, are WHORING after Molech!’ Adults, look at me! I’m not using synonyms and I am not going to explain that word right now. 

   That word is there INTENTIONALLY and it means what you think it means. There are children in this room and for me to delve deeper and deeper into that, I don’t think is appropriate, because you KNOW what it means to ‘whore!’ And that is the language the Lord uses. NOTICE THE CONTEXT, about YOU, when you are INDIFFERENT to child sacrifice; you are PARTICIPATING the WHORING after a demon god!  (20:08-21:20)

   “God speaks clearly concerning the evil both of those who sacrifice their children and of those who remain INDIFFERENT while children are sacrificed in their land, PROMISING HIS WRATH ON BOTH! (22:20-22:50)

   “I hope you will see that the ‘pro life movement’ is NOT AN OPTION for a Christian. Abolition is the ONLY OPTION for a Christian.

   “What does God say about the APPROVAL of murder?  Paul’s laundry list of the function of idolaters, He mentions murder and, in the Verse 32, of Romans 1, He says, summarizing, ‘Idolaters, not only do these things, but they give APPROVAL to those who do. Idolaters are full of murder, and many other things, but at least murder, and though they know God’s righteous decree, that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them, but give approval to those who practice them.’

   “I say the end of Romans 29 to 32 as much as I possibly can, to every person I meet because I cannot avoid that implication and THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT pro life ‘incremental’ bills do!

   “They say, ‘We’re going to make it more difficult to murder a child; even restrict it to 4 weeks before or you have to jump through these hoops before’ but, in effect, all they say, is, ‘if you do this, this and this... or by this time... we’re happy with the fact that you slaughter your children, we give you a thumbs up, because there is NO CRIMINAL PENALTY if you do it.’

   “That’s the approval of murder!”

   Here is the link for Pastor Brett Baggett's sermon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_Hd9pLJ2Jg

Part Two in next month’s printing.

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