How Does God Guide You in Making Hard Decisions?

   “One of the decisions was what kind of ice cream I wanted, strawberry or vanilla,” says Christen, 11. “That is a hard decision for me. I really don’t know how God showed me the sign, but I picked strawberry.”

   Christen, are you writing from Earth? This sounds like a decision from heaven. If all of life were filled with these kinds of decisions, we would all be happy . . . or look like 300-pound blimps.

   “God lets the answer come to me, and I got something for it like an A+,” says Lauren, 7.

   Some of my most fervent praying occurred before big tests in two graduate programs. Amazingly, I found that the answers to those prayers were closely associated with the amount of study I had done.

   “God helps me make hard decisions by talking to me through prayer,” says Sarah, 11. “He talks to me through actions and consequences. He helps me through my parents, my friends and my teachers. He helps me every day in hard and easy decisions. I know I can go to Him whenever I need help.”

   Sarah shows us that God leads in a variety of ways. Sensitive Christians look for clues along life’s journey. God is always at work around us. We should pray that our eyes will be open to what He is doing.

   Sarah says God talks to her in prayer. At one level of pray ...

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