Aspect Two of Christian Resistance: Fight!

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   In my last article, I wrote about the first aspect of Christian resistance, which is repentance. 

   This time I write about the second aspect of Christian resistance, namely, fighting. 

   Christian resistance involves and demands three things: 1). Repentance, 2). Fighting, and 3). Building. And I do not mean these in that particular order – all three happen intermixed and ongoing.

   The attacks by the State upon our liberties is so pervasive and the collapse of this nation is so rapid that it is difficult for people to know what to focus on or what to do. Let me give you some thought and pointers to this.

   You must fight the tyrants in the immediate. You must minister in a way that causes a counter-insurgency that holds off the evil forces and cripples their evil efforts. 

   You must confront the tyrants and the idols.
   For those of you who are being threatened with losing your job unless you get the shot (and I already know some people who have lost their jobs over this) — you must be willing to lose your job.  You must stand resolute in your individual non-compliance, and you must speak to others in your workplace, churches, and families – organizing them to make a collective stand against the evil. 

   You need to realize, this isn’t a one-time deal. Regardless of what they tell you, when you get the shot, all does not go back to normal. 

   Understand, when you capitulate and get the jab  to keep your precious little job you are setting a precedent for the rest of your life to be told by government officials what you will put into your body – AND you are setting the precedent for all future generations. 

   Your cowardice and compliance ensures their enslavement – the enslavement of future nations. You must be committed to personal non-compliance. You must refuse their evil and stand resolute not giving one inch to the tyrants and evil. 

   You must fight against the evil, not acquiesce to it, not attribute it to your latest prophecy charts and view it all as inevitable. 
   Even though churchmen are suggesting and/or saying outright that you are bound by Romans 13 to get the shot, they are wrong. Understand the government officials have exceeded their biblical and constitutional limits when they demand you wear masks or get vaccinated. 

   You must not whine like a baby about losing your job. You must not capitulate and get the shot just to keep your job. Is there anything you will stand for? 

   You must trust the Lord, improvise, and not compromise. I learned long ago that when men decide to compromise their entire life becomes a series of compromises. You must make a stand on principle and faithfulness to Christ.

   Women, let your men fight. All my life I have watched men get fire in their hearts to fight against an evil only to have their wives throw a wet blanket over it. I thank God I have been blessed with a wife who cheers me on and prods me to take action.

   There are enough weak, flaccid men in this nation. A good woman understands the duty of men to act in the face of evil, and encourages her husband in his duty.

   Take your children with you, where you can, to the field of battle. Let them get the smell of battle into their nostrils. Let them see you confront the tyrants and idols of our day. Let them see you be persecuted and suffer for standing true to Christ and truth.

   Proclaim the Lord’s law and Word and cry out to God in prayer and repentance.

   Washington, DC is a waste.  They are at war with the American people and have been for decades. Have you figured out yet that your state government officials are not going to protect you? Have you figured out yet that the Republicans are not going to protect you? They’re not. You must act.

   The duty of the legislature is to remove the power they have given to these health tyrants. But they have not. Rather, they have funded and politicized all this evil and nonsense. This has nothing to do with public health and everything to do with control and tyranny.

   The interposition of the magistrates is a necessity and you must prod and demand it of them.  You must unseat the cowardly. They must quit hiding behind the skirt of the courts and do their duty. The county and local magistrates must interpose against lawless courts, and governors, and state officials, and DC. 

   We must rally with county and local government (and where possible, state government) they possess lawful authority – and those lesser governments must ignore and resist Washington DC and the regime that has illegitimately taken power there. 

   We must make a stand for freedom in these lesser governments.

   We must also continue the efforts for the preborn in the midst of this attack upon our liberties by the tyrants. 

Matthew Trewhella is the pastor of Mercy Seat Christian Church ( and heads up Missionaries to the Preborn ( He and his wife, Clara, have eleven children and reside in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. For more of Matt’s writings or to obtain the book The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates: A Proper Response to Tyranny and A Repudiation of Unlimited Obedience to Civil Government go to the website

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