Problems With Our Wisconsin Election Laws from an Inside Perspective

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   I have been a Chief Election Inspector at poll locations in the City of Appleton for about 10 years now.  I want to say up front, that I believe in the rule of law, so I have sought to follow the election laws to the best of my ability.  This article will explain that we have problems with some of our election laws. Even though, I do not agree with some of them, I have followed them along with the directions of my City Clerk.  

   On election day for the 2020 Presidential Election, I stopped a Lawrence University student from casting a ballot in Wisconsin after he had previously voted absentee in his home state of Utah for the same election.  When I questioned him, this student had a tally slip in his hand, which means that all he had to do in order to vote twice in that election for President, was hand in his tally slip at the ballot table and pick up another ballot to vote.  When I confronted him, he admitted to having voted previously and he agreed to give me the tally slip and leave the polling location immediately.  I say this, as an example, to prove that we have problems. 

   Except for Voter ID, the laws have gotten more and more lax. Examples of this are: Letting electors vote absentee, or in-person up to three weeks early, for any reason, or no reason, letting people register to vote on election day, allowing exceptions for voter ID, letting people vote without proof of citizenship, accepting more and more forms of ID and ways to prove residency, and allowing the vote count tabulation machines to report vote totals by internal modems, rather than calling them in by hand as we always used to do.  Candidates should be able to request a hand count of the vote from the paper ballots to assure vote count confidence.  In my run for City Alderman this year, I was denied that request. The Department of Motor Vehicles should not be in the voter registration business either. I will say more later about this misguided idea of pushing everyone to vote. 

   The 2020 Fall General Election had more exceptions, changes and modifications due to the false pandemic to further corrupt our election process, such as: letting ballots sit in drop boxes around various cities, letting ballots be handled by non-election inspectors and giving them access to the Wisconsin State Voting List. It was Facebook’s Zuckerberg that gave millions of dollars to the five largest cities in Wisconsin (all run by Democrat Mayors) in order for such special access.  During my Alderman campaign, the City Clerk’s office refused my request to look up an address on the voter list of someone I had talked to who had agreed to take a yard sign. I was informed that I would have to buy the list from the State.  Yet, Zuckerberg's people who were all Leftist Democrats, had as much access as they wanted to the State-wide list.  That access was likely used to see who had not yet voted, so they could go around getting more votes from people with no ID who agreed to say that they were “indefinitely confined.” That was criminal!  They should never have been given authority like that.  Money talks, however, and the cities sure liked the money they got from Zuckerberg.  Governor Evers vetoed the bill that would have made that a crime in future elections. 

   There are serious problems with laws and court directives that make it easier and easier for everyone and anyone to vote. The law says that even a drunk on a park bench can vote, if he has a signed form from a housing authority that the bench is his home.  I am not kidding!  Who would be more likely to utilize such a law, the homeless person, or someone that wants to manipulate the votes of homeless people by giving them something in exchange for a vote for a certain candidate? The push to make people in general vote, who only have selfish reasons to vote, is wrong!  I do not include Christians, who for righteousness’ sake and love for their town, city and nation, ought to vote based on God’s principles of right and wrong!  Christians have a duty to vote, and with a Godly standard.  If an adult resident in Wisconsin does not follow politics, knows little about the candidates or their positions, they should not vote!  In other words, an elector should show their own interest in wanting to vote, otherwise people who are indifferent can be manipulated by others.  They become a commodity, if you will, that can in essence be bought and sold.  This is one of the crimes that occurred in the 2020 “Pandemic” Election and the massive move to make it easy for people to vote. 

   Those laws put a great deal of pressure on Election Inspectors.  At our polling location, for example, we have had to devote an entire line to new voters on election day, just to register them to vote.  If they did not care enough about registering to vote ahead of time, they should not be allowed to vote on election day!  This would ensure that only registered voters can vote and we would not have electors being dragged to the polls by others, or bribed into voting for a particular candidate.   Manipulating someone to vote for the manipulator’s preferred candidate, is just as bad as suppressing someone’s vote, who actually wants to vote.  Also, when registering to vote, people should have to not only prove their identity and location of residency in Wisconsin, but that they are a U.S. citizen as well!  We simply take their word for it; no proof is required!  With recent administrations encouraging illegal immigration (Trump’s excepted), we need to require proof of citizenship.  We should also not allow busloads of people to show up at polling locations, or professors bringing their entire class to vote, as we have seen from Lawrence University.  This just smacks of voter manipulation.  
   The Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) is not doing their job to maintain a clean and accurate voter registration list for Wisconsin.  There are many more registered voters on record than we have adults in Wisconsin by population!  That means that deceased residents, those who have moved out of state, or those who simply have decided not to vote anymore, have not been taken off the records and criminals can use those names to place extra votes for their preferred candidate.  Our State Legislature is ultimately responsible for the WEC and our entire election system.  We need to hold them responsible!  I encourage Christians to know your State Representative and State Senator!  Have their phone numbers in your contact list and text them too!  

   To see a list of all your elected officials, go to:  and enter your home address.  Then you will see the name of your Congressman, State Senator and State Rep, under the list of State Supreme Court Justices. 

Mr. Mark Gabriel is a former Calumet County Supervisor. He currently serves as the Secretary of the Constitution Party of Wisconsin.


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