Tribal Division, or Christian Unity?

   America’s nationhood doesn’t depend on a common ancestry or race, or on common economic circumstances, or even on common political views.   Instead, the real ties that bind are common values – values that are based on common faith in a transcendent God.   That was the fundamental unity of America envisioned by the founders.   But for the last several decades, Leftist elites have been hacking away at this solid underpinning, trying to divide us into hostile identity groups that are too busy fighting each other to notice the country’s gradual descent into chaos.   

   Lately, elites have been openly assigning various tribal labels to the rest of us – so you might want to keep track of which tribes you’ve been “assigned to.”   For example, are you in the person-of-color tribe?   Or, alternatively, are you a white supremacist?   If you’re white, you’re one of the latter no matter what – and even if you’re a person of color, you might still be a white supremacist (just ask Larry Elder or Condi Rice).   

   Are you one of the good guys who is fully vaccinated against COVID – or are you one of those evil anti-vax people who doesn’t care about spreading the disease to others?   (Pay no attention to those data showing that about half of all new COVID cases are vaccinated people who can ...

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