Why Erroneous Research Says Vitamins Don’t Work

   Do you ever find yourself having to “defend” the fact that you routinely take vitamin supplements?  Do you hear phrases such as: “Vitamins are a waste of money.”  “You can get all the vitamins you need from the food you eat.”  “Your body makes all the vitamins it needs.”

   I suspect you disagree with those statements — and you surely know that I disagree — but do you have good information to give in reply to these statements?

   Let me give you some insights into the key vitamins that protect your heart, prevent cancer, and help you live a higher quality life every day of your life.

   The media knows that bad news sells better than good news. Headlines are prone to scream the most extreme and alarming “facts,” generally without digging very deeply into the heart of the truth. Most of what is reported about vitamin supplements is at least half lie, if not a full lie.

   Also the vast majority of vitamins are synthetic. That means they are petroleum-based. In other words they are simply toxic chemicals your body can’t use and doesn’t need. In addition most are tablets coated in shellac. They can’t be absorbed. That’s why they don’t work and they can actually be harmful. HealthMasters supplements are powder in cellulose gel caps. They absorb almost im ...

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