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Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

   I only started thinking about 35 years ago, because I was just like most Americans, who are programmed in the public schools and only taught “remembering.”  When you start thinking, you will discover that much of what we were taught was lies.  When they took the truth book out of the classroom  and got away with it, that’s when the manipulation started.  Now the Bible is prohibited.  

   It all started in 1905 when five men planned to socialize this nation through the public school system.  A main player of this plan was John Dewey, of the Dewey Decimal fame joined them in 1916.  They decided to use a system known as “gradualisim,”  which takes a long time to complete, but works well without opposition.  It took about 100 years but they accomplished it.  If you can’t see that we’re there, you can’t think yet.  Start practicing.  You’ll probably have to read some different material than what you’re used to, such as Everything They Ever Taught Me Was A Lie by Pat Shannon.  To further understand what is going on, try The Controllers by Ed Whitney.

   We have a wonderful Constitution, but not one of us has the chance to live under it.  Our government won’t obey it.  Before the 1900s there was no income tax.  There isn’t supposed to be now.  The so-called income tax amendment — the 16th — was never legally ratified.  The government’s excuse was “the intention was there.”  However, even if that were true, it still violates the 13th.  If you’re interested, check it out.  

   We are not supposed to have a central bank controlling the nation’s money.  According to the Constitution, Congress is supposed to control the money, not the Federal Reserve which is not Federal, despite the name.  If Congress controlled the money like it is supposed to, we would have no national debt or inflation or deflation.

   There are two ways we could come out of this, first, we could nationalize the Federal Reserve, then most of our debt could just be erased, but the controllers will not let that happen.  Second, we could follow the Biblical method and have a year of Jubilee, where all debts are forgiven and you start again from scratch.  Again, the controllers will not let that happen. 

   Now can you see that you, we, are a slave to this government?  A free people’s government has only a threefold purpose.  Protection, justice and control the money.  Protection can cover a large area.  We ought to add “obey the Constitution,” and enforce and enforce and enforce it.  The Tenth Amendment states that all laws not covered by the Constitution or forbidden by it, shall be reserved to the people or the states.  Get that: all.  There is no provision for the Federal Government to be controlling education.  Why is it happening?  Year after year it goes on.  We’ve lived with it all our lives.  Un-Constitutional, nobody does anything about it and every politician, serviceman, government employee swore to uphold the Constitution.

   Ok, enough of trying to get us thinking, now let us get to thinking about health.

   By the time you read this, I’ll be ninety years old so that alone should give me a little credibility.  Supplements are the key.  In health class in school, we were taught that if you have a proper diet, you don’t need supplements.  But that’s impossible.  A proper diet can give you the vitamins that your body needs, but, not the minerals, which are really more important, to the extent that your body can make some vitamins that it needs, but not minerals. Your foods can only provide them if they are in the soil they are grown on.  Think.  

   According to Dr. Joel Wallach there are 98 essential elements our bodies need daily to remain healthy.  I don’t know these things first hand, I’m only repeating the things I’ve learned and do.  I recommend Dr. Joel Wallach’s book Dead Doctors Don’t Lie as the best health book I’ve ever read.  He claims to have discovered that cystic fibrosis is a deficiency disease, mostly caused by a pregnant woman’s lack of selenium in her system and in most cases may be cured by adding it to a patient’s system.  Selenium.  Prevents some cancers also.  The book also claims that your body needs chromium and vanadium to prevent diabetes.  Ever heard that before?  

   Think, when do doctors make money?  In case you didn’t think about it, I’ll tell you: when you are sick.  Or injured.  I like them around for “injured.”

   In the late ‘60s or early ‘70s there was a congressional hearing on cancer, because there was so much money being collected for research and nothing seemed to be happening!  A doctor’s wife showed up and testified that her husband came back from a big medical convention and told her, “we cannot afford to find a cure for cancer, it would ruin a financial dynasty.”  You may find this in the congressional record.  Think. They haven’t found one yet.  The dynasty is still intact.

   If you would spend more time in your local health store than your doctor’s office, you would be a lot healthier and live longer.  Do you know that the average age of a doctor is only fifty nine?  

   I used to be rather sickly before I got into supplements.  I used to have hay fever, but not anymore.  I was once diagnosed with a duodenal ulcer and wasn’t getting any better with the doctor’s diet and treatment.  With a little help from the Lord, I was cured in ten minutes with a handful of cranberries.  I had arthritis, took a supplement called MSM along with chondroitin and glucosamine.  I still have the scars but no pain.  This human body is quite a phenomenom, if you will, we are all a little different.  What yours tolerates mine may not.

   A health nut like me, steered me to lecithin to keep my blood flowing well.  Try it in place of an aspirin a day.  My observation of an aspirin a day is that it will give you a stroke after about 10 years.  It happened to both of my parents.  According to Dr. Tobe after thirty five years of eating margarine, you’ll get a heart attack.  How close are you?  One pantophenic acid and two vitamin C may clear your stuffy nose.

-Richard F. Bollom, Trego, Wis.

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