‘Pro-Life’ vs Abolition of Child Murder (Part 2)

Complimentary Story
   This is part two of a sermon by Pastor Brett Baggett. This is one of the most powerful sermons I have heard in well over a thousand I have listened to. Please listen to it and, if you will not take the time or do not have the time, please read the excerpts I have quoted from Pastor Baggett’s sermon here.

   What does God say about it? He says, “That’s what idolaters do!” Pro life incremental bills are IDOLATROUS by nature! What does God say about doing evil so that good may come? Pro life bills and the strategy is typically like, “Well, we can’t totally outlaw it but we want to make it more difficult and, so we write these same kind of bills and, it’s like, we know we are allowing this evil but look how many babies we are going to save!”

   That is LITERALLY doing EVIL so that good may come! We are doing this evil, allow this child sacrifice, because we think it is going to save SOME babies which, in reality, it does not.

   But, what does God say principally, about doing evil so that good may come? Romans 3:8- “Why not do evil so that good may come, as some people slanderously charge us with saying,” (this is the Apostle Paul writing to the church in Rome), he says, “Their condemnation is just!”
   Do you see that point in his argument is, “well, if that’s true, why not just do evil so that good may come, because God is sovereign, He’ll work it for good... He doesn’t even rebuke it! He just says, ‘The people who slanderously charge me and the other apostles for saying such nonsense, are CONDEMNED!’ He doesn’t even say, ‘They’re ridiculous! As they slanderously charge us with saying.’ They’re condemnation is just!” (22:45-27).

   What does God say about YOUR duty, concerning those who are being led off to death? 

   One of my goals is that EVERYONE would have Proverbs 24:11 MEMORIZED! And receive it as your marching orders and, just think that all the time... this is my command, the wise man does not say, “Pray for those being carried off to death.” It is an imperative; it is a verb; it’s action! Rescue those being carried off to death; Hold back those who are stumbling towards the slaughter. That is YOUR DUTY!
   What does God say about YOUR WORSHIP when you are INDIFFERENT toward the innocent being slayed?

   This is Isaiah 1:14-18.  I will summarize this for you.  What does God say about YOUR WORSHIP when you are INDIFFERENT toward child sacrifice?

   God said, “I HATE IT! You lift up your hands to pray? God says, ‘I close my eyes.’ You make prayers, ‘I close my ears!’ He said, ‘I’m weary! I’m tired of bearing your worship when your hands are full of blood!’”

   If you are INDIFFERENT toward child sacrifice, God HATES YOUR WORSHIP and says “Wash yourselves”  which is the language of REPENTANCE.
   Don't make peace with child sacrifice. But, because Christ was slain for us, wash yourselves in the blood of the Lamb. (31:15-33:10).

   I hope you see that abolition, calling for the immediate abolition of abortion, without exception or compromise, is, not only biblical in general, it’s the ONLY biblical approach to the abortion Holocaust!

   But I just ask you for your personal application, how are you like Christ? 

   How can you be most like your Savior King who bled for you and now rules you? How can you be most like the God man?

   In 2 Timothy 1, Paul writes, “Christ abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the Gospel.”

   So, in a way that we mirror Christ’s infinite work in abolishing death, for all of His people, for all who will have faith in Jesus, in your small way, be like your bleeding King and go work to abolish child sacrifice in His name. (33:30-34:42).

   May we hear the “silent screams” of our pre-born neighbors and may God move us to obey all His commands pertaining to the “least of these”, who have no voice.  May God bless you and your families according to His will and mercies!

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