‘Pro-Life’ vs Abolition of Child Murder (Part 2)

   This is part two of a sermon by Pastor Brett Baggett. This is one of the most powerful sermons I have heard in well over a thousand I have listened to. Please listen to it and, if you will not take the time or do not have the time, please read the excerpts I have quoted from Pastor Baggett’s sermon here.

   What does God say about it? He says, “That’s what idolaters do!” Pro life incremental bills are IDOLATROUS by nature! What does God say about doing evil so that good may come? Pro life bills and the strategy is typically like, “Well, we can’t totally outlaw it but we want to make it more difficult and, so we write these same kind of bills and, it’s like, we know we are allowing this evil but look how many babies we are going to save!”

   That is LITERALLY doing EVIL so that good may come! We are doing this evil, allow this child sacrifice, because we think it is going to save SOME babies which, in reality, it does not.

   But, what does God say principally, about doing evil so that good may come? Romans 3:8- “Why not do evil so that good may come, as some people slanderously charge us with saying,” (this is the Apostle Paul writing to the church in Rome), he says, “Their condemnation is just!”
   Do you see that point in his argument is, “well, if that’s true, why no ...

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