Aspect Three of Christian Resistance: BUILDING (in the midst of judgment)

Complimentary Story
   Recently I was in Dubuque, Iowa. While there, I saw a massive old building still majestically standing. I went closer to investigate it. I learned that it was built in 1863. Think of that! It was built during a bloody, brutal civil war.

   Someone was building while all that destruction was happening in the nation.

   This made me think of something the Lord has taught me over the years —  namely, that when there is a problem, a conflict, or a bad situation, as awful as it all is, opportunity to build is being presented to us also. The Lord tears down – and He builds up.

   When I was younger I would only see the negative and be bummed. I learned over the years, however, to understand that conflict builds character – and at times it builds other things also.

   When we look at what is happening in America today it should grieve us greatly and cause us to weep. But we must also see the opportunity to build. While the just judgment of God is doing its needed work, He is building something in the midst of it all.

   For instance, while the Lord is judging His people during this time, a tougher form of Christianity is being birthed. A more biblical form of Christianity.

   And here is another area where He is building... The Lord is building while the evil of the medical industry in this nation is being exposed. People are losing their jobs in the medical field because they are resolutely – and rightly – refusing to get the COVID shot. Also, many people are now scared to go to a hospital or see their doctor, and rightly so as hospitals have become death camps.
And the Christians are rallying to bring the two groups together.

   Seven people in our congregation who are involved in the medical field are now meeting to build Christian medical structures – to come alongside those that already exist, and to build from scratch.  Our church is working with them to accomplish this needed task. And what is happening here is happening in places across the nation.

   People are being forced to coalesce and work to build new structures. We see what the Scriptures teach – that what the tyrants mean for evil, the Lord will use for good.

   Do not misunderstand.  I do not mean to minimize the judgment of God. One need only read Lamentations to see the just and awful judgment of God upon a land. Jeremiah preached and called men to repentance for nearly 50 years before it came. And even he was stunned by the severity of the judgment once it arrived. He records his thoughts in Lamentations.

   Understand also, though Jeremiah bewailed what he saw, he knew God’s judgment to be just, as is God’s judgment just upon America.

   And far more judgment will come upon America as there has been too little repentance so far. There has been no run on sackcloth and ashes down at the Ace Hardware. Men still love their wealth and ease. Many are still trusting their government and the Republicans to protect them.  They are utterly deceived.

   Do you actually think your government officials are going to protect you? That the Republicans, who love lip-service, will do right and establish justice? 

   Think of it — most Americans think a government that has created the statist hell we live in; that murders the preborn; that perverts men with the filth of homosex — actually has their best interests at heart. Most Americans will believe their government still has their best interests at heart when the doors on the boxcars slam shut. Most Americans are utterly deceived.  And so, by either the carrot or coercion, they roll up their sleeve and get the shot. 

   Why the churchmen think the government has their best interests at heart is because they have never confronted evil or tyrants. They have lived in their festooned cocoons and ivory towers for so long they are unseasoned in fighting and lack discernment.

   The truth is far worse. The churchmen have actually aided the tyrants in their evil by teaching Christian men and women to blithely comply with their tyranny. Their judgment is just.

   All my life I have watched Americans abuse their freedom and flaunt their rebellion against Christ. And look what it has led to – their enslavement.

   And how just is God’s judgment? For nearly 50 years Americans and American Christians have sat by while the helpless preborn are murdered – while their bodies are attacked – and now the Lord is using the tyrants to attack our bodies. We didn’t defend their bodies, so now our bodies are being assaulted by the state.

   And yet, in the midst of it all – let us build.  On November 30th, our church will be hosting a “County Before Country Express Talks” gathering in Hartford, Wisconsin where you will learn to build. These will be 15-minute talks (ted-talk style) on six excellent and needed subjects.

The Subjects are:

1). The Authority of a County.  

2). The Duty of Elders in the Face of a Tyrant Government.

3). Building Christian Medical Structures.

4). The Fragile Food Supply and Food for Life.

5). Confronting and Defunding Government Schools.

6). Freedom, Bravery, & Firearms: Lessons from Lexington for Today.

   Many people are realizing not only is Washington DC at war with them, but that their state officials are not going to protect them. Therefore, they are taking action locally – particularly at the county level – to make a stand for freedom.

   People see evil is afoot. They are looking for direction. They are looking for leadership. Gather on November 30th to get equipped, and to network and coalesce with others. Go to: for details and to register for your tickets as seating is limited.
May Christ be praised. Revelation 2:5.  Christus Vincit!

Matthew Trewhella is the pastor of Mercy Seat Christian Church ( and heads up Missionaries to the Preborn 
( He and his wife, Clara, have eleven children and reside in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. For more of Matt’s writings or to obtain the book The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates: A Proper Response to Tyranny and A Repudiation of Unlimited Obedience to Civil Government go to the website:

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