God Gives Freewill; Satan Mandates Force

   The lessons that have proven most valuable in my life have seldom been learned in school or any formal setting.  School can provide you with valuable knowledge, but knowledge does not equal wisdom.  The greatest lessons seem to consist of a small pinch of knowledge, a healthy portion of common sense and a generous helping of wisdom.  The latter comes only with God’s blessing, maturity, patience and time.
   Take, for example, something my Dad taught me when I was just a kid; something that took me repeated reminders to fully learn.  I understand, now, that it was because of my strong-willed, stubborn nature.  At the time, his advice was just frustrating to me, but certainly no less true.  The lesson?  “DON’T FORCE IT!”  This was advice and direction he gave as I was working on a model ship as a youngster.  I was following the directions that came with the model to the best of my young ability, but the pieces didn’t fit just right.  I could MAKE them fit, if I pressed hard enough, but the project would not be done properly.  “Don’t force it,” was good advice.  Because sure enough, something was wrong; when I looked closer, I discovered I was trying to put two of the wrong pieces together.  When I used the right ones, they went together easily.

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