Thank God For Jesus

   We’ve been living in days of very bad news for a very long time now, and every day it seems to get worse and more intense. Our country — and the world — has become something I never thought I’d live to see. I suppose every generation experiences some of that as they reminisce about the “good old days.” And in retrospect those “good old days” were not as good as we probably remember them, but again I never thought I’d see the day when _____________ (fill in the blank): there are plenty of options to choose from.
   But today I want to try to put all of that stuff aside.  Quite honestly, I’m tired of it.  Sick to death of the “new normal,” the mandates, the commands, the New World Order, the Great Reset, the Jab, the depopulation agenda of the globalists, the lies of the mainstream media, the filth of Hollywood and the censorship of the truth.  I will need to get back to reporting on what’s happening soon enough.  But this week, as a Christian, I’ll be celebrating Christmas with my family.  And even THAT is controversial now.
   After this message goes out, I’ll undoubtedly get plenty of flack from well-meaning “Christians” who don’t celebrate Christmas and feel the need to correct me.  As always ha ...

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