Our Great Mission For 2022

   One mission of the Church is to infiltrate the culture; to influence the culture with biblical truth. That mission is encapsulated in the Great Commission: “Go and make disciples of all the nations…teaching them to observe all that Jesus commands.”

   What has been happening instead? A number Christians and ministries have turned this command to infiltrate and influence the culture for God into a wholesale abdication of that responsibility and have instead accepted the methodologies of Satan and the strategies and thinking of this world system. In short, some in our ranks have become apostates.

   These apostates have been aided and abetted by the same media that has, with vigor and malice, attacked everything holy, righteous, and good in a biblical sense. The same American media owned by enemies of America and enemies of God have enabled the apostates in our midst to carry their message of cultural surrender.

   Until the mid-19th century, politics was downstream of Christianity. What that means is that until about the time of Lincoln, politicians looked to the Church for guidance, approval, and support. Politicians were not disconnected from their constituents like they are today.

   This situation has been purposely and methodically inverted so that today, the Church is downstream of politics. That means pastors and ministry leaders accept wha ...

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