Modern Day Pharaohs

Complimentary Story
Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

   As I read about Moses in the Bible, and I can't help but compare it to today. We have modern day Pharaohs known as presidents (democrat or republican), senators, congressmen(women) ect. By laws, these Pharoahs,  are cracking the proverbial whip. Our money is being pilfered and plundered right under our noses and it seems there is nothing we can do about it, except to cry out for our Father in heaven to intervene.  

   I work 50 to 60 hours a week just so I can contribute to the old government slush fund. Our government makes all the calls, while us hard working people have to turn our earnings over just so we can all pretend we are free. Tyranny is what I call it. Corruption at all levels of government from small towns to Washington. This nonsense has all of us in a strangle hold. When will it end?  Where are the modern-day Moses’? 

   Moses went before the Pharoah and demanded that the slaves be set free. Pharoah imposed heavy burdens upon the Hebrew children, and that’s what we have today. Taxes and more taxes. It’s never enough. This nation has been nothing but a cash cow to greedy businessmen and politicians.  The plagues that overtook the Egyptians were horrific. When Pharoah said, “NO, I will NOT let the people go!” God said, “Yes You Will!” and socked it to Egypt with more and more plagues.

   Do you think maybe God is unleashing His power so the pharaohs of this world will release the people from tyranny? Remember, God won and Pharoah lost. It will be no different in this day and age. 

   Egypt, in Exodus, represented idolatry, occultic practices, evil of all kinds. It’s the same as what is going on today.  “The love of money is the root of all evil.” Whether board rooms to back rooms, deals are made at the expense of hard-working people. Modern day Moses come forth. Cry out with a loud voice so our Pharoah(s) can hear, “Let my people go!” We, the people, are fed up with agendas that do nothing but fill the pockets of the elites in high places. Take for example the “vaccine” that is administered to the people. Big Pharma making huge profits from those who are rolling up their sleeves. With mRNA and all their ingredients, this cocktail is causing division like never before. Family members against family members. Hostilities and harshness prevail. Where is the humanity? Where is the love?  Love seems to be equated with compliance. But anything forced is not love at all, but control. 

   Mandates are not laws yet the television, which I feel is a type of false prophet, spews  out agendas that are nothing but lies. Lying agendas to get the sheeple to comply. Many have lost all cognitive thinking skills. Get them all in a stupor, by using  technology, so they can’t think for themselves. “Wake up, modern day Moses’.”  “Wake Up!”  The Pharoahs of this land are getting stronger and more diabolical!

   Many of us realize that no politician will ever get us out of this mess. No legislature. No government program. No mandates. Nothing will ever get us back to normalcy. Yet, was this nation ever normal?  According to God’s Word we were never normal. We lost our normalcy when Adam and Eve took that bite of fruit. That is why we are where we are today.  Pastors and parishioners alike are to blame for allowing the church to be turned into a country club. Normalcy will be when Jesus returns. Right now, we are going through birth pains of Matthew 24. Things are going to get a whole lot worse.

   God isn't looking for patriots or constitutionalists to take back this country. He’s looking for those who are modern day Moses’ that will know how to cry aloud to corrupted leaders, “LET MY PEOPLE GO!”   Any blood-bought saints of God in our area? Are you ready to proclaim that God Almighty reigns? The lukewarm Church, which God vomits out of His mouth (Revelation 3), hasn’t proclaimed a message of holiness, but you sure can, child of God. Put aside pride and fear, for the battle against good and evil is here. Stay close to Jesus and He will be your safety.  

   Are you ready, saints?  Get your Ephesians 6 armor on and be filled with the Spirit of the living God, for Satan and his minions are in their full battle attire. They hold nothing back and we as saints should hold nothing back either. Ready or not the end is near.  Accept Jesus. Time is short.

-Patty Mattus, Boscobel, Wisconsin

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