Trying to Get People to Think

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:
February 2022

  I've been trying to get people to think, but that may be the wrong word because we’re all thinking all the time.  Maybe a better word would be “contemplate” or “ponder” about what we’re thinking.  Because what we’ve been thinking is really remembering.  That is what we’ve been programmed to do by the unconstitutional public school system.  The government makes us all go to school until we’re 16 years old.  There they teach us lessons, then they test us on what we’ve been taught.  If we remember really well then we get a good grade, and are considered “smart.”  However, much of what they taught us was lies, and it has been going on so long that the teachers don’t even know the things they are teaching are lies.  They just teach what is in the text books without ever checking it out.  

   They took the only text book that was for sure true (the Bible) out of the public schools and now teach just the opposite of what’s in there.  “The man who says in his heart, ‘there is no God,’ is a fool.”  So, we are forced to send our children to a school to be taught by fools.  Especially in the halls of higher education.  Now look at what these so- called well educated fools are doing.  Te ...

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