A Letter to the Governor of Minnesota


   Here is my request to governor of Minnesota Tim Walz:

   Please make or allow Lake View Hospital in Two Harbors, Minnesota, to be a place to make sure all is being done to save lives because of COVID 19, BY ALLOWING anyone who has been affected to be treated with Ivermectin or Hydoxychloroquine, or other nutritional supplements or existing treatments of THEIR CHOICE.

   How this could be beneficial is shown in the results of doing what WAS DONE in a test in India, where four states treated hundreds of millions of people with Ivermectin and within a week or two, these states saw a 94% to 98% reduction of sickness.  People were completely CURED of COVID.

   This would STOP the questionable need to jab everyone — children and adults.  If people are sick, then and only then give a proven, safe medicine like Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine.  Yes, these two medicines have been used and are being used for many years, safely!  The survival rate, if left alone, is over 99.5%.

   I am hoping you would consider this at this time and go down in history as one who helped stop the COVID in Minnesota, by forbidding the mandate of shots and “official hospital protocols” and ALLOWING hospitals to administer life-saving, proven treatments that do no harm.

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