America Must Turn Back to God Now

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:
March 2022

   Looking at the trucking convoy fiasco in Canada all I can say is it was a valiant attempt to stand up for one’s rights. Did it work?  I saw last night that the trucks are going home. Trudeau 1 truckers 0. Why? Why does it seem that rallies and protesting by  patriots never changes for the good? Why are the wicked put in power while the good get kicked out the door?  So many questions in this day and hour. 

   The whole concept of this nation is based on freedoms, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and so forth. We, as freedom loving people, will fight for these freedoms. Rightly so, but....there is one thing that many patriots aren’t understanding. This isn’t a physical battle. IT IS A SPIRITUAL BATTLE. You will never ever win carrying a sign or standing on capitol steps screaming your slogans. Podiums and blowhorns will never win freedoms. Standing around debating and throwing patriotic fits will never win our

   Why do I say this? Just look. Do you see the conservative agenda winning? No. Are freedoms and rights taken away more than ever? Absolutely.  Why? Because we spend more time in love with the nation than in love with our Lord Jesus Christ. It seems many patriots are spending more time on capitol steps than on their knees finding out what our Father want ...

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