America Has Forgotten God

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:
April 2022

   As I read your article, “Nothing Hidden That Will Not Be Revealed,” it sounded as though my thoughts had been put to print. Your analyses on the myriad of subjects is centered on each target.

   The title of the article is a statement of Matthew 10:26, a promise of the Living God. Sadly, Christ’s Church is filled with those who do not truly believe in Him, with those who are lukewarm like the Church at Laodicea, and with pastors that are deceived. All of the deceptions, lies, misdirections by un-Godly people, those who seek temporary authority and earthly rewards, are assailing mankind mercilessly and are seeing their rewards now — not the eternal punishments forthcoming. And, I believe these events are a punishment from God. The Church is timid, cowardly in confronting the abominations that were defined in Scriptures and being celebrated as “normal” today. The dark spirits are wreaking havoc on society due to sin, lawlessness authored by Satan.

   Americans have forgotten the first love embraced by the majority of the Founding Fathers — Jehovah God. The blind and deceived have been convinced or battered with fear, by those that have been elected, that God is not real, that He doesn’t exist; therefore, the servants of darkness tell mankind to pursue all manner of perversions ...

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