Vax Rape (Jab)

Complimentary Story
Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:
April 2022

   I can’t, for the life of me, conceive how so many of our own usually awake, smart people in our own camp have fallen into the enemy’s trap of referring to the vaccine mania as “the jab.”  This type of EUPHEMISM is a tool to trick peoples’ unthinking, not fully awake minds into GLOSSING OVER the term replaced by the euphemism.

   The purpose of the euphemism, in this case, is to water down the concept that the replaced term or phrase would have brought to mind reflectively.  And done for good reasons by the enemy.  The insane push by pressure, coercion, trickery, bribery, lies and deception, peer pressure, and threats to relinquish one’s sanity and allow injection of this toxic mystery potion concocted by depraved maniacs playing GOD into their beautiful-machine body temples is a form of RAPE.  Don’t believe it?  Look it up in any good dictionary.  

   RAPE doesn’t need to be sexual in order to be rape.  Oh, and did I forget to mention the means of “violent force” of the vax as it’s being brutally injected into resistant prisoners in some U.S. prisons?  Much like Bill Gates had done to the little African children years ago, whose army of mercenary vax-rapists chased down the running, screaming, crying, traumatized children before tackling them and “jamming it in.”  (Sound like rape?)

   Even in the conventional  use of the term “rape,” the sexual kind, the primary essence is not the sexual, physical battery.  Ask any good psychologist.  Compare the years of psycho-emotional aftermath long after the physical aspect had healed.  The primary essence, at least usually, is exerting POWER OVER the victim for the sake of power victimization.  The vax-rape has both this power-over aspect and the “jam it in” and inject something foreign into the victim’s body.  The elements of force or coercion and the overpowering of reluctance is at the heart of the mass vax-rape-injection mania by power-crazed politicians and soul-less profiteering drug czars...a dream-come-true of demented megalomaniacs to rape every single human on planet earth.  

   To continue referring to it as the ho-hum, innocuous, not-so-bad “jab” turns the mind away from the realization of what it really is, and it CONTRIBUTES to carrying on this mass public rape campaign.  So, I’d like to humbly encourage all awake and informed people to use the fitting term “VAX-RAPE” instead of “the jab.”  It’s still concise and spot-on as to the reality of what is actually being done.

-P. F. Lazor, Soledad, CA

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