EXPOSING The World Economic Forum Agenda

Complimentary Story
April 2022

   Have you ever wondered how ideas and themes seem to suddenly permeate various countries about the same time throughout history? There would be seasons or years of similar changes sweeping around the world.  After thousands of years with little to no major change, things have been ramping up to include massive changes in relatively short periods of time. Recent witness: the rapidity of the spread of the “COVID 19” plandemic and the “lock step” reaction that changed every aspect of society in nearly every country in two years!  How did so many government, business, church and medical leaders unify with one approach to this supposedly unexpected plague?  How did they so effectively ridicule and silence the voices of those who saw it differently?  It was almost like they all were reading from the same script, but that couldn’t possibly be true! They are leaders of what seem to be independent countries and businesses and hospitals!  How will this event be understood in historical context?  What do we need to know NOW?

   Historical periods can be divided in various ways. One example from an online course, www.study.com :

“Period 1 - Technological and Environmental Transformations, from 8000 B.C. to 600 B.C.; Period 2 - Organization and Reorganization of Human Societies, from 600 B.C. to 600 A.D.; Period 3 - Regional and Transregional Interactions, from 600 to 1450; Period 4 - Global Interactions, from 1450 to 1750; Period 5 - Industrialization and Global Integration, from 1750 to 1900; and Period 6 - Accelerated Global Change and Realignments, from 1900 to the present.”

Period 1 covered nearly 8,000 years.

Period 2 covered 1,200 years.

Period 3 covered 850 years.

Period 4 covered 300 years.

Period 5 covered 150 years.

Period 6, thus far, is about 122 years.

   This method of division considers societal changes, technological and environmental changes, as well as moving from regional to trans-regional and eventually industrialization and global integration. Note that the first period covered thousands of years and it specifically calls out the current acceleration of the global aspects over just hundreds of years. Here is an indication of the speed of change. 

Now we are seeing ideas and themes coming together much faster all over the world very rapidly; nearly on a daily basis something can become “viral” — no doubt due to the instantaneous communications we have now.  So that daily massive internet interconnection is likely responsible for the speed at which change is communicated but what about the direction that is being taken? Where does that flow from? Is it the spontaneous flow of thought and realization from individual to individual, or generation to generation?  Other than God, is there some sort of “boss” that is orchestrating things or is everything that is happening just ….happening?

   I no longer think that all of this “synchronicity” is as spontaneously generated as I once did. I do believe that our Father foreknew everything and is not surprised at all to see the concentration that is happening. As is often true in the Bible, there is a “point-counterpoint”  perspective. Our Father’s plan is to usher in the Redemption of His people and Creation and there are spiritual forces that support His people and plan. There are also those that are unholy and seek to position the adversary to be worshiped as “God.”  All the while, our Father is orchestrating His plan directly and indirectly through human agency, the adversary is also orchestrating its plan, directly and indirectly through human agency. “The kings of the earth” are executing their plans, believing that they will prevail, and some even think it is all really benevolent. The concentration of this speed and direction seems to be rapidly drawing to some kind of conclusion…which Biblically, we might recognize as the full bloom of the anti christ spirit in control of the world…the “in place of” Christ spirit.

   Perhaps you have heard about the private organization, founded by Klaus Schwab in 1971, the World Economic Forum (WEF).  For seemingly just a single organization, they have momentous goals.   They have gathered people from all over the world, from those in importance nationally down to local communities, to impart the vision of state-funded capitalism.  Schwab wrote his first book on this topic in 2010 and his newest one, “The Great Reset,” in 2020.  They are celebrating 50 years of spreading their vision now and appear to be very pleased with the progress they have made. There are many branches into various areas of society…from governments to corporations to non profit organizations of all kinds. This is the source of the “Great Reset” and the “you will own nothing and be happy” messages.

   You might think this is overreaching for a single group and unlikely to have any real impact. You  would be wrong.  They are operating on several different levels.  The first is what is called the “Young Global Leaders” program, and the second is called the “Global Shapers” program, founded by WEF in 2011.

   The Young Global leaders, alumni of the WEF and Schwab’s agenda, are now in the governments of 90 nations, many holding high ranking positions, and espousing this agenda in whatever country they represent. You will likely recognize many of these names.

   In government:  Gavin Newsom, Pete Buttigieg, Huma Abedin, Nikki Haley, Chelsea Clinton, Justin Trudeau (and most of the leaders around him in Canada), Jonathan Soros,  Tony Blair and Gordon Brown (British), Lyn Forester deRothschild, Angela Merkl (Germany), Emmanuel Macron and former leader Nicolas Sarkosi (France).

   In the Media:   Leana Wenn, Sanja Gupta, Andrew Ross, George Stephanopolis, Lockland Murdoch, Dan Crenshaw, Paul Klugman (NYT).
   In Tech and social media:   Bill Gates, Steve Vollmer, Jeff Bezos, Sergie Brinn and Larry Page (Google co-founders), Erick Schmidt, Paypal co-founder  Peter Thiel (also founder of Rumble), Wiki co-founder, Jimmy Wales, Pierre Omidyar (Ebay founder), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder).

   This feels so very much like the deeply interwoven international network of corporation owners, that all trace back to Vanguard and Blackrock.  As soon as one examines their stated areas of interest, it becomes very apparent that they are all connected.

   Recently, I learned of Yubal Noach Harari, who is Schwab’s right-hand man.  He is espousing concerns about the connectivity of technology, and phrasing it as though it is inevitable but we must take control of it to shape it for our own visions.  He has said things such as: “there is no need for a god...No more of this god in heaven, free will of man stuff. humans are hackable. We will create our own intelligent design.” You can find some of his presentations on YouTube, and will find how engaging he is, and how he is able to shape their vision and goals into things that SEEM desirable.

   But they have taken another step to penetrate the culture of the world by moving in on an even younger age group. In 2011, the Global Shapers came into being. These are individuals ages 18-27, also being approached and mentored in the same agenda. They are organized in “Hubs” of local organizations.  According to their website, they have 10,584 Global Shapers, 3,555 Alumni in 448 hubs which are in 150 countries and territories. They accomplished 698 projects in 2020-2021 among them all.  Their website at www.globalshapers.org has very extensive diagrams, which are similar to the extensive diagrams of the WEF organizations.

   You can check your own area. I found two Wisconsin “hubs” in Milwaukee and Madison.   https://www.globalshapers.org/hubs/madison-hub. They are promoting voter registration and working with Second Harvest.

https://www.globalshapers.org/hubs/milwaukee-hub.  Their main listed project is voter registration.

   Perhaps it is easy to see how idealistic youth, who haven’t really been taught a foundation of faith and who have been taught a revised American history with nothing about the Constitution can become so enthused!  In this way, too, it can appear that the people of the general population, and the upcoming generation, all spontaneously want to move in the direction of Communism or Fascism. It is NOT, in fact, spontaneous or grassroots, but instead it is being fostered by WEF leaders and their inexhaustible funding.

   Although the Global Shapers of Wisconsin probably aren’t directly connected with the election fraud from positions of authority within the government, it can easily be seen how they may yet be carrying out what they have been taught and many likely believe are very commendable activities!  Amazing Polly, on Bitchute or Rumble, has done a very extensive program on all that is involved with this Global Shapers program which I recommend!

   Be alert and ready to address these misconceptions sprouting up all around us, not only the speed of changes coming but also the direction they are taking, for the last ten years now, coming through the mouths of impressionable young people. See them for what they really are and bring to bear the power of prayer to expose the hidden works of darkness!

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