As Goes the Home, So Goes the Nation

April 2022

   Among my numerous weekly activities, I managed to squeeze in a local city council meeting recently, where I spoke to the now “mask less” public servants.  Although it is what one would consider a fairly small town council in the Midwest, it is a college town and more often than not, expresses liberal-leaning policies. For example, this council just approved a “Juneteenth” celebration on the heels of a recently approved measure that allows local sodomites to post their paraphernalia during June on taxpayer property.  Knowing that this sodomy crowd is pressing now for a “gay parade” and recognizing that there needs to be some sort of common sense injected into the conversation, I thought it high time to do my job as the Director of

   But the devil, as they say, was in the details.  I had to be very careful that I wasn’t accused of attacking and perhaps hurting the feelings of any diverse community.  America loves the underdog and the sodomy crowd, for instance, has used this ploy — painting themselves as the victim — quite effectively during this war on the family.   I had to be positive as well, not to appear that I was complaining or finger pointing. So how do you pull that off? 

   First of all, in my ...

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